Pizza Hut and KFC are joining forces once again to re-launch sell out pizza

The epic collab is back!
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  • Pizza Hut and KFC have announced the return of the sell-out Popcorn Chicken Pizza, which is available for just four weeks.

    We have been spoiled by incredible new releases in the fast food world already this year, with McDonald’s announcing the return of the Grand Big Mac and game changing Katsu curry chicken nuggets.

    Now Pizza Hut and KFC have announced the return of their sell-out collaboration, the Popcorn Chicken Pizza.

    Pizza Hut took to Twitter to confirm the fantastic foodie news with a statement saying, ‘The Internet Breaking Collab is back. Get our KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza before it’s gone. The cluck is ticking.#PizzaHutxKFC.’

    We’re so excited, we don’t even mind the chicken pun. 

    And if you’re wondering if it’s safe to get a takeaway during lockdown, our experts have the answer.

    The Popcorn Chicken Pizza is made with KFC’s famous gravy, the beloved Pizza Hut base, and topped with popcorn chicken. Sweetcorn fans can also opt for it as an extra topping alongside the Kentucky fried goodness. 

    The famed pizza went on sale last year and sold out within two days, then it restocked and immediately sold out again. 

    The collaboration pizza is available today (15th February) and will be available for just four weeks, so act fast if you want to get your hands on this treat.

    The mouth-watering Popcorn Chicken Pizza is available for delivery across the UK from Pizza Hut Delivery and can also be bought in a deal.

    You can buy the Pizza Hut £20.99 KFC Pizza deal which includes a large pizza, garlic bread, and wedges. A 2-4-1 KFC boneless bouquet is also being given away with each KFC pizza sale.

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