This viral McDonald's hack has food fans totally divided

Some McDonald's fans are keen to try this top tip - but others are having none of it...

Signage of McDonald's fast food restaurant is seen in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, on August 02, 2018. McDonald's reported its second quarter 2018 results, sales at company-owned restaurants plunged by 27 percent during the second quarter and sales at U.S. locations that have been open at least a year grew by 2.6 percent.
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A bizarre McDonald's hack has gone viral, leaving fans of the fast food giant totally divided, with some keen to try it and others utterly disgusted.

There's something for everyone on the McDonald's menu and with plenty of McDonald's hacks (opens in new tab) out there, there's so many ways to mix up the regular menu or a McMuffin during McDonald's breakfast hours (opens in new tab). P.S, did you know there's a genius way to get fresh fries every time (opens in new tab)?

But it's only fair to stick to the Double Cheeseburger or Mayo Chicken, right? Well, that could all be thrown out the window now, thanks to a TikTok hack that has us all shook.

A viral clip posted by @melikazaidi shows her making a cheeseburger and chicken sandwich hybrid and it's got Maccies fans torn. So, you're probably wondering how it works. The crafty "chef" in the video combines a double cheese burger with a 99p Chicken Mayo with cheese, creating the ultimate patty stack.

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A caption next to the controversial food footage reads, "You haven’t lived until you’ve combined a Mayo Chicken with a Double Cheeseburger.”

The comments underneath Melika's video show a nation split over the burger, with one not so sold commenter saying, "I've never felt more sick."

While another added, "Feel sick thinking about that," and a third continuing to say, "This feels illegal."

Plenty of McDonald's lovers, who are wondering when does McDonald's Monopoly start? (opens in new tab) were in full support of the combination, though.

"Next time we get Maccies, I'm doing this," one keen commenter wrote, tagging their pal.

"I want to try this," another added, alongside a drooling emoji.

On the plus side, people tagged their friends to recommend that they try it with an extra layer of toasted beard, or that if you don't want the extra carb layer, you can just put your chicken mayo patty in between your double cheeseburgers.

Not to mention that the Mayo Chicken is 99p and a double cheeseburger is £1.49, so you won't break the bank trying out this wonderfully odd creation.