I tried this TikTok taco hack and here's why I won't be trying it again

All you need is a glass and a microwave for this mess-free taco hack, but I'd use an oven next time

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With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, I put one viral taco hack to the test...

I'm all for testing out the latest viral foodie hacks and tips, and TikTok is awash with some ingenious ideas when it comes to making cooking simpler. Previously I had a go at making bagels in an air fryer (you've GOT to try this one), and did you know you can poach eggs in an air fryer and make pancakes in them too? So, when I came across @cookwithranda's taco hack on TikTok, I knew I had to give it a go.

If you're a taco Tuesday fan or plan on celebrating Cinco de Mayo, then tacos probably make a regular appearance on your dinner table. But while they're quick to make and easily customized, these hand-sized snacks can also be pretty messy. Luckily, Randa has a super simple tip to stop all the filling from falling out of your taco the second you pick it up - and all you need is a glass and a microwave.

Placing a soft tortilla inside the glass (or you could use a mug) so that it curls upwards, it's a simple as topping with your chosen taco filling and microwaving for three minutes. It's not a terrible hack, and with a few tweaks I think it could work. And while it's definitely not traditional, if you're looking for a way to minimize mess while enjoying your tacos then it's worth giving a go.

Something I found when trying this was that you really want to make sure you get the glass and taco size ratio right for it to work. If the glass is too big, the tortilla won't curl upwards quite far enough and the taco will completely unfold when you take it out the glass. But if the glass is too small, the you're going to struggle to get your filling inside once the tortilla is in the glass.

In the caption for the video, Randa explains that for those who don't have a microwave, "use oven for 15 mins at 170 C°". They add, "you can use an empty can instead of glass." If I was trying this hack again, I'd definitely go for the oven option. While using the microwave does serve the purpose of holding the taco together, I found it made the bottom of the tortilla soggy, so using an oven is a better option if you want to crisp up your taco.

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The other main issue with using a microwave is you can only try this hack on one taco at a time, so if you've got several people to feed or are hosting a Cinco de Mayo party, then the oven is again a better option. However, if you're just after a snack for yourself, then Randa's hack is a quick and easy option.

If you are planning on trying this hack, then you'll need to make sure the glass or mug you're using is microwave safe, and bear in mind that it's going to be extremely hot to touch when it first comes out of the microwave.

Overall, while I probably won't be using this hack every taco Tuesday, I definitely would try it again - though I'd use the oven next time. It's a great way for making a quick snack, and it's customizable too, so you can use any fillings and toppings you like.

How to try the TikTok taco hack


  1. Fold your tortilla and place it inside a microwavable glass or mug to hold it in place.
  2. Fill the tortilla with your filling of choice and top with cheese.
  3. Microwave for 3 minutes.
  4. Remove the tortilla from the glass and add toppings of your choice.

The taco hack is just one of many cooking tips and tricks Randa has shared with their 290,000 followers, and viewers were quick to share their enthusiasm for the hack, with one writing, "This is a game changer," while another said, "What a great idea 😍🙏".

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