Poached eggs in an air fryer? Fans are calling this Eggs Benedict hack a "game changer"

"This information has changed my life!"

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One Eggs Benedict fan has shared this air fryer hack on Instagram, and you'd be silly not to try it...

We're a nation of air fryer lovers, who love nothing more than learning new and surprising ways that our favourite kitchen gadget can transform teatimes. These days there's not much you can't cook in an airfryer, with a hack to make sausage rolls in an air fryer and another for air fryer chocolate croissants both going viral.

It's not just chocolate that's got people rushing to their air fryers though, with social media fans currently going crazy for a new air fryer hack that's set to revolutionise breakfasts. Instagram influencer Georgia's Kitchen, who shares recipes and insights into her weight loss journey, has surprised her followers with a new and easy way to make poached eggs. 

Posting a video of her putting eggs in her air fryer, Georgia shared the secret to her tasty, tried-and-tested Eggs Benedict recipe. "This is how I make poached eggs in the air fryer," she says. "I'm making Eggs Benedict for breakfast today and this is everything I used."

She explains: "In a ramekin I added a little bit of oil and a little bit of hot water from the kettle. I did add soem salt as well - but it's up to personal preference if you add that or not."

Georgia cracks an egg into each ramekin and "puts in the air fryer for 5 minutes".

She admits her air fryer was already warm, so if turning on from scratch, aim for a medium temperature to achieve the same results.

"So quick and easy and my eggs came out perfectly, Now I can finally have eggs benedict all the time!" Georgia enthused in the video caption.

Her followers were quick to praise the hack in the comments, with one user simply writing, "Queen" while another added, "Naaaah I am AMAZED".

Another Instagram user shared her appreciation for the air fryer tip, commenting: "Well. This information has changed my life!"

If you plan on giving this hack a go, any air fryer you use will achieve the same results, but our Features Writer, Ellie Hutchings, recommends this Ninja air fryer, one of the best air fryers, which she recently put to the test:

Ninja Air Fryer MAX AF160 - RRP £169.99 | Ninja

Ninja Air Fryer MAX AF160 - RRP £169.99 | Ninja

At 5.2L capacity, there's enough room in this gadget to feed a large family, plus there are six different cooking methods to choose from too; air fry, max crisp, bake, roast, dehydrate, and reheat, so you can make a range of meals.

Ellie says, "You can cook whole meals for several people using this air fryer - and you can even bake desserts in it too. The range of cooking modes means there are pretty much limitless options in terms of what recipes you can try, so I can see myself using the Ninja air fryer really regularly."

Read our full review of the Ninja Air Fryer MAX AF160UK

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