The ultimate cake fails: 15 professional cakes that have gone ridiculously wrong

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  • Ok, so baking and decorating a cake

     can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, especially when you’re trying to do it professionally. Amateur bakers can get away with a burnt edge, smudged icing or spelling mistake here and there, but a professional? Well, now that’s just embarrassing!

    While most trips to the bakery or the cake shop result in mouth-watering masterpieces, every so often things don’t go quite to plan – and in this modern age, there is always someone there to capture the moment!

    These are the most hilarious cake fails we have ever seen – prepare to have a good old giggle at these creations which include, a deranged Cookie Monster, catfish hybrid and a monkey with a banana in its hand (yes, it’s exactly what you think!)

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    Not quite the Minnie we know…

    Image: Reddit/ehsan

    What child wouldn’t be over the moon with any Disney cake, let alone one with Minnie Mouse? Well, maybe they wouldn’t be so thrilled if she looked as scary as she does in this one. Poor Minnie looks like she’s had a rough couple of days…

    Oh stuff it! They’ll never know…


    Erm… we can safety say that this is cheating! What would Mary Berry say if you offered her a cake with a slice of stuffed toy monkey on top? No thank you!

    Woody’s feeling a bit ropey


    Poor old Woody. We think a trip to the doctors might be in order for this cowboy…

    There’s something bunny about this next one


    Don’t show this to the kids. They’ll never look at the Easter bunny in the same way again. Freaky!

    Have they gone bleating mad?!


    Be afraid, be very afraid. This ridiculously creepy sheep is beyond scary. Cut its head off and be done with it already!

    ‘Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever the hell he wants!’


    We don’t even want to know what Spiderman is searching for in that bin bag, let alone why he’s been made in a strange foetal position. Our minds are boggled and appetite lost.

    What a head case!


    Ok, so they don’t look that bad but who in their right mind would by dad a giant man face to cut up on Father’s Day. Completely and utterly bizarre.

    Definitely a cake worth crying over


    We’d be crying too if we paid out for this crazy baby cake. If the face isn’t scary enough, the words ‘good luck’ is sure to freak you out.

    A little bit too curious George


    So, the banana seems to be in a very inappropriate position, as does the monkeys hand. Certainly a 1st birthday cake to remember – well for mum and dad anyway!

    Cat vs fish


    Does anyone else see Garfield rather than a Koi carp…?

    Someone got over excited about this cake…


    Ah! Our eyes. We just don’t know where to look.

    Tardis who?


    Quick, it’s melting! Oh, no wait a minute – that’s actually what it looks like. We thought the Tardis was supposed to be rectangular. Hmmm…



    If Mr Blobby and Cinderella had a daughter it would look like this next cake. We mean, it’s a great attempt, there’s just something rather creepy about it *shudders*

    Rub it in our faces why don’t you?


    It looks like this cake decorator ran out of writing space so decided the best way to solve this issue was to write across the birthday boy or girl’s face. Yes, job well done.

    What a monster!


    Clearly the Cookie Monster has had one too many cookies or has a bad case of pink eye. Either way it’s just too much to bare. Bin it already!

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