You can now get a 1kg jar of creamy Nutella for just £3.50

Calling all Nutella fans!
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  • Whether you spread it on toast, smear it on pancakes or keep it for dipping strawberries in (our personal favourite), Nutella is a must-have in any chocolate-lover’s life.

    The creamy chocolate and hazelnut blend has perked many a breakfast through the years, being used in its own collection of Nutella recipes, including truffles, trifles, chocolate cakes, and even calzones and pizzas.

    It seems that we can never get enough of the decadent spread.

    So we were more excited than we were when Crème Eggs hit the shelves again when we found out that you can now get 1kg of Nutella goodness for only £3.50.

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    That’s right. Trusty bargain supermarket Morrisons is now selling the whopper jar for less than the price of the usual 750g size.

    For a jar of this size it would usually cost you nearly £6, but the supermarket currently has it on offer for only £3.50 – just in time for Pancake Day.

    We can’t wait to get our hands on this for next week’s Pancake extravaganza.

    We love to make standout crepe pancakes and then top them with a huge spoon of Nutella, a bunch of chopped cold sweet strawberries and maybe even a spray of sweet whipped cream for a little extra treat.

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    You could also try warming a spoon in a pan and mixing with a pour of single cream in order to loosen it up a little bit, so that you can then drizzle it onto Scotch Pancakes.

    We recommend topping with chopped nuts and maybe even some slices of banana.

    And if we didn’t love Nutella enough, The Grocer has revealed that the iconic spread is coming out with a new offering.

    The spread is being combined extra cocoa for an extra chocolatey treat – and we want to eat up a whole jar of it.

    The new offering will have double the cocoa content of normal Nutella, making it more like a dark chocolate version.

    It will apparently be hitting shelves in the spring – and we can’t wait!

    Looks like it’s going to be a very Nutella-y Pancake Day!