12 best Nutella recipes

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  • Nutella recipes are perfect for those who simply LOVE Nutella. If you love experimenting in the kitchen too then you've come to the right place!

    Like Nutella? You’re going to love this collection of mouth-watering Nutella recipes. Why not try whipping up one of these delicious treats including Nutella lollies, Nutella cheesecake, Nutella hot chocolate and more!

    We’ve rounded up some of our favourite Nutella recipes from Nutella lollies to Nutella chocolate cake – the perfect birthday surprise for lovers of this nutty spread! We’ve got lots to choose from, so prepare to meet your new favourite food. Chocolate and hazelnut pancakes, Nutella chocolate cake and Nutella truffles are only a few of the mouth-watering recipes we have for you to try.

    If you’re looking for a dessert that’s got the ‘wow’ factor – this is it! Just take a look at our dreamy Nutella trifle (pictured above). Made with a generous, and we mean generous amount of Nutella this creamy, sweet trifle is layered with chocolate chip brioche, custard and plenty of cream.

    What is Nutella?

    Nutella is a sweet chocolate and hazelnut spread that you can buy in most leading supermarkets. It is an Italian spread made by the company Ferrero who also make Ferrero Rocher.

    Can Nutella be baked?

    Other than spreading on toast, Nutella is great for using in baking. You can bake lots of delicious things with Nutella including Nutella cookies, Nutella cake and Nutella brownies.

    When baked, Nutella takes on a similar consistency to butter and will melt into the mixture making a smooth, moist cake sponge or an oozing chocolate centred cookie.

    Like most sugar based ingredients, Nutella can burn so make sure you follow the recipe instructions and heat your oven at the correct temperature to make sure you have perfect Nutella treats ever time.

    Can you ice a cake with Nutella?

    Not only can you bake with Nutella, you can also use it to ice cakes and biscuits too. Just warm slightly in the microwave in a microwavable dish for about 10-20 seconds to make the spread a little looser. This will help to spread the Nutella over your cake or biscuit.

    You can also use Nutella as a cake filler too – its a great way to keep your cake sponge extra moist.

    Nutella recipes: Easy cakes and desserts to make at home