Food hack: How to squeeze a lemon with tongs

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  • Watch how to squeeze a lemon in a way that gets all the juice out, using ordinary kitchen tongs! No fancy kitchen gadgets needed for plenty of juice. If you’re a fan of the lemon drizzle cake or you love a squeeze of lemon over your chicken salad, you’re going to love this simple food hack. Using a pair of kitchen tongs, you can squeeze half a lemon quickly and efficiently in a matter of seconds!

    Squeezing a lemon can be a bit of a faff sometimes. It can go all over your hands, drip onto the kitchen work surfaces or sting your fingers if you happen to have an unfortunate cut on your hands – sometimes without yielding much juice! This easy tongs technique gets rid of the mess!

    All you need is a pair of kitchen tongs and a lemon cut in half. Place one half of the lemon, cut side facing downwards, into the joint of the tongs.

    Squeeze the tongs together at the other end, and ta-dah! You’ve squeezed half a lemon in a matter of seconds. Repeat with the second half.

    This hack is ideal if you’re baking a lemon cake, if you’re using lemon in a marinade or want to drizzle some of your freshly prepared salad without making a mess.

    You’ll be sharing this fun food hack with your friends in no time!

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