What can be cooked on a BBQ other than meat? Foods you didn't know you could grill

If you've got the BBQ going, experiment with some of these unusual foods that you probably didn't know you could BBQ...

14 foods you didn't know you could BBQ
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Burgers, chicken and sausages are all classic BBQ foods but do you ever fancy trying something a little different? If you've got the BBQ going, experiment with some of these unusual foods that you probably didn't know you could BBQ. It'll certainly impress your guests!

What can be cooked on a BBQ other than meat? Well, lots of things actually! Here are 14 foods you didn't know you could grill to provide you with some new summer bbq ideas.

Burgers, BBQ chicken and sausages are all classic foods to cook on the barbecue but do you ever fancy trying something a little different?

If you've got the BBQ going, experiment with some of these unusual foods that you probably didn't know you could BBQ. It'll certainly impress your guests!

Plus, cooking as much as you can outside during the summer will keep your house cool. Leaving the oven off means less heat warming up your home during the day.

What can be cooked on a BBQ other than meat?

There's nothing better than a BBQ on a warm summer's day, but eating burgers every day might get a bit repetitive. Plus, it wouldn't be very good for you! So use these summer bbq ideas of what can be cooked on a BBQ other than meat to switch up your bbq menu.

How to BBQ quesadillas

A toasted sandwich on the BBQ? Yes, please! Mexican-style quesadillas are given a lovely flavour if they're toasted on the grill.

Add the filling to your wrap and bread then grill on each side until the fillings are melted and the bread is slightly toasted - easy!

Quesadillas with corn and red bell pepper cut into wedges

Here's how to make quesadillas easily at home

How to BBQ avocado

Avocados are nice as a side to BBQ food and in a salad, but have you ever thought of cooking them on the BBQ? They get a lovely smokey flavour, while the heat makes them nice and soft.

To BBQ an avocado, simply cut the avocado in half, remove the stone and lay flesh side down on the BBQ. Leave for around a minute and remove from the heat. You can add lemon juice and salt and pepper for extra flavour.

Grilled avocado showing what can be cooked on a BBQ other than meat.

How to BBQ potato wedges

Wedges are the perfect side for your burger but they don't need to miss out on the BBQ fun. The flame-grilled wedges will be full of flavour and nice and crispy.

You need to slice the wedges or chips thinner than you would do usually (around 1cm thin) when cooking them in the oven. This is so they cook all the way through. Par-boil them until soft, then drizzle with oil and place on the BBQ. They should cook relatively quickly but you may need to have a wedge or two - just to check, of course!

potato wedges

Check out our recipe for potato wedges with paprika here

How to BBQ lettuce

What? Lettuce? Bear with us! When thinking about what can be cooked on a BBQ lettuce probably doesn't spring to mind. However, cooking a whole Romaine lettuce on the BBQ is actually quite tasty. Think of it like a griddled salad and you'll get used to the idea!

To cook lettuce on the BBQ, first wash the lettuce and pat dry. Drizzle with a little olive oil and pop it on the grill. Cook on both sides until slightly charred and then, enjoy!

Tongs turning heads of romaine lettuce on grill

RECIPE: Grilled Caesar salad with sumac croutons

How to BBQ artichoke

They're not the most common vegetable but if you're a fan of artichoke, you'll be surprised how much better they taste on the BBQ.

Boil or steam the artichokes first, then grill them when they are almost ready. Slice the artichokes in half and place face down on the grill. You can then scoop out the heart to add to pasta salad or blend into a dip with herbs.

Artichokes served with coarse salt

How to BBQ garlic bread

Mmmm why had we never thought about garlic bread on the BBQ before? The flame grilled touch will make one of our favourite treats even better!

If you're using ready made garlic bread, you simply place it on the BBQ to grill (defrosted if frozen) and turn half way through cooking. If you're making from scratch, toast the bread lightly on each side then drizzle in a melted garlic butter (and maybe even top with some cheese if you want to be extra naughty!).

garlic basil and olive oil bruschetta

How to make homemade garlic bread

How to BBQ halloumi

One of the best cheeses to cook on the barbecue is halloumi cheese. The Greek cheese has a tougher texture to most cheeses so it can withstand the heat of the BBQ without melting all over the place. It gets a soft, squidgy texture and is just delicious with your meats or salad.

Simply slice the halloumi and place on the BBQ - if it looks like its sticking, grease with a little oil. If you grill the cheese after your meats it will take on all their lovely flavours.

grilled halloumi on bread

RECIPE: Grilled halloumi with honey recipe

You might want to think twice before putting a yellow cheese such as cheddar on the BBQ. Just because it will melt quickly, fall onto the coals, burn and generally make a terrible mess. However, if you slice the cheese and pop it onto of a nearly-done burger whilst still on the BBQ, you'll get a lovely bit of melted cheese on your patty - ready to pop in a bun. Homemade cheeseburger - yum!

Can you BBQ pizza?

Yes, you can! But you'll need to make the pizza dough from scratch, then lightly flour and oil it before placing on the grill. Make sure the grill is very clean as any dirt will make the dough stick.

Allow the base to cook for a few minutes before oiling the other side slightly (wiping away any excess oil to avoid flaring the flames), and flip. Apply a light layer of tomato sauce and cheese (too many toppings and they won't cook).

Pizza that has been cooked on a BBQ.

(Credit: Johner Bildbyra/Getty)

If you have a top to your BBQ, close it to let the heat melt the cheese, if not, keep a close eye on the base and remove when it's ready. We recommend trying with a mini pizza first to test if your BBQ will work.

How do you grill fresh herbs?

Herbs are commonly used in a marinade for BBQ foods, but you can actually grill herbs on their own to add a smokey flavour to your salads.

Choose herbs on a branch such as rosemary, thyme and tarragon. To grill them, just drizzle them with oil and place on the BBQ - you can even place the meat on top of the herbs to let the flavours transfer through.


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What can be cooked on a BBQ for dessert?

It's not just savoury food that can be cooked on a BBQ. There are an array of sweet treats you can grill to make a tasty dessert following your delicious BBQ main dish.

How to BBQ bananas

You've probably seen people grilling bananas before but have you ever actually done it? It's so easy!

Simply slice the banana skin lengthways on one side and allow it to open slightly. Place the banana, split side up, on the BBQ. Leave to cook for a few mins until the banana is soft and mushy and can be scooped from the skin. The outside of the banana may looked charred - but it will still be lovely and sweet on the inside!

You can add chocolate and let it melt or lots of other naughty treats to turn it into a banana split.

Grilled bananas with dark chocolate

RECIPE: Banana split with chocolate coconut sauce

How to BBQ pineapples

Super sweet and full of flavour, pineapple isn't just to be enjoyed raw. It's delicious slightly grilled as it's natural sweetness gets  caramelised.

If using a whole pineapple, prepare into rings or think slices. If using tinned, drain and select sizeable pieces of pineapple to use. Sprinkle with brown sugar and place on the BBQ (you can use skewers to keep them in place).

Grilled pineapple showing what can be cooked on a BBQ other than meat.

Serve with a chocolate dipping sauce for the ultimate, sweet, BBQ dessert. You can even give the pineapples a boozy glaze for the adults. Try our rum-glazed griddled pineapple recipe for an adults-only treat.

How to BBQ apples

There are lots of different types of fruit that are delicious on the BBQ - and apple is one of them!

Apple slices are easier to grill - and get a lovely caramelised texture to them. You can coat them with butter or sugar to get a richer flavour, but they're just as good on their own. Core the apple and cut into rings or wedges and place on the BBQ until browned.


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