BBQ ideas: Healthy barbeque recipes

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  • Now the summer is upon us, there's nothing else left to do apart from to whip out the BBQ and get grilling.

    But as much as we love a BBQ, the recipes might not always be very healthy. While that’s fine once in a while, for those looking to maintain a particular weight loss diet or just incorporate healthier options into their diets, it’s useful to have healthy alternative to BBQ favourites.

    Now you can enjoy a healthy meal with the whole family, thanks to these diet-friendly, healthy BBQ recipes. From salads and vegetables to salmon and burgers, just because you’re sticking to the healthy side of things doesn’t mean that your plate has to be boring. Even if you’re on a weight loss diet or avoiding certain things, something like chicken wings can be marinated and made in all sorts of ways to suit all tastes. When it comes to healthy summer lunches and BBQ in particular, it’s often about you prepare your food.

    So why not try some our new dishes, like bean burgers packed with plenty of protein, or make a simple salad like our griddled halloumi, courgette and asparagus recipe. All our options are light and summery, perfect if you’re just looking for something to eat on a hot summer afternoon.

    The best part of BBQ can sometimes also be leftovers and with these healthy options, you won’t be stuck for something to eat the next day. So griddle all the chicken you like and use it as sandwich filling the following day, or take that leftover lamb and make a stir fry later in the week. All these recipes are customisable to work for you and your lifestyle.

    Looking for more light and healthy summer recipes? Check out this one for summer soup recipes, offering plenty of cold and hot options for soup, or try making hummus from scratch and avoid the supermarket pitfalls.

    Check out these top healthy BBQ recipes…