13 of the best restaurant cookbooks

From PizzaExpress to Dishoom, from Wagamama to Hawksmoor, here are the best restaurant cookbooks

A selection of the best restaurant cookbooks for 2022

From PizzaExpress to Dishoom, from Wagamama to Hawksmoor, here are the best restaurant cookbooks for 2022 - all of which can be purchased online. 

"Create some of your favourite restaurant dishes in the comfort of your own home with one of these best restaurant cookbooks. "Whether you want to take your cooking skills to the next level and try your hand at Michelin star cooking with Raymond Blanc or you want to impress your friends with a favourite yaki soba from Wagamama, a restaurant cookbook is a great place to start," says Senior Content Editor, Jessica Dady.

Having a restaurant cookbook in your collection is ideal when it comes to catering for friends and family, hosting a dinner party or when you fancy swapping the regular Saturday night takeaway for something a bit more adventurous. Restaurant-worthy recipes may take a little longer to make, and may need a little more patience but will well and truly be worth all the effort.

Best restaurant cookbooks 2022

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1. The Hand & Flowers cookbook

Hand & Flower cookbook

Published in Nov 2020

Why we love it: Ideal for those looking to take their cooking skills to the next level.

Tom Kerridge's pub The Hand & Flower is the only pub in the UK to have received two Michelin stars. This cookbook presents 70 of the best recipes served on the pub menu over the years including favourites like; salt cod Scotch egg with red pepper sauce and picante chorizo. Not forgetting chocolate and ale cake with salted caramel and muscovado ice cream - delicious. It's a book for those who already love to cook and want to expand their repertoire. One of the best restaurant cookbooks.

One happy Amazon customer gave this cookbook 5 stars adding; "Whilst the food at The Hand and Flowers may be described as 'simple', you need to remember it is still a two Michelin star establishment. That means three things - some fancy equipment may be required, some specialist ingredients are used, and whilst the recipes are achievable in terms of skills, they all involved multiple stages (Michelin kitchens tend to have lots of speedy, skilled people). It's worth remembering that you can still cook just one part of a recipe to keep matters simpler. There are also lots of tips throughout, such as how to get crisp shards of chicken skin for garnish. Any keen cook will want to get to the kitchen after reading this book, even if not to make a replica of a whole dish."

2. The Ritz London: The Cookbook

The Ritz cookbook

Best restaurant cookbooks: Published in Sept 2018

Why we love it: A quintessential cookbook with delicate, high-quality recipes you can recreate at home.

If you're hosting a dinner party and looking for something to make with true quality, The Ritz London cookbook is a great place to start. This cookbook includes an array of recipes from brunch to the first course, from starters to canapes. Recipes highlights include The Ritz malt loaf, pea, and wild garlic soup as well as scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. All Michelin stars recipes for advanced chefs.

Rated 5 stars by over 80% of Amazon customers. "At first sight, this book may seem to be from a different age and the recipes not for you, but look closer and the information it contains is gold. You can use elements of each dish alone or create something amazing. This book is also a delight to own, from the coffee table to the kitchen. This book will transform your cooking if you have the time and patience to let it!"

3. PizzaExpress: From Italy with Love

Pizza Express cookbook

Published in Sept 2021

Why we love it: Learn how to make classic Italian pizza the PizzaExpress way.

Simple, delicious, family-friendly recipes - from PizzaExpress' popular pizza dough to top tips when choosing your pizza toppings. This cookbook is jampacked with 100 different recipes that are sure to inspire. Recipe highlights include Pomodoro pesto, Nicoise salad, and Peperonata pasta. Great for those who love a family meal at PizzaExpress every now and then but would love the opportunity to the food at home.

Rated an average of 4.6 stars by Amazon customers. One satisfied Amazon customer Jacklet said; "All the family enjoy eating at Pizza Express and we're all looking forward to having a go at making our own pizzas and adding individual choices of toppings. Recommended." One of the best restaurant cookbooks.

4. Wahaca: Mexican food at home

Wahaca cookbook

Published July 2012

Why we love it: Mexican food at its finest.

One of the older restaurant cookbooks on the list, this popular choice from food chain Wahaca is a delicious collection of 130 Mexican-inspired recipes. All were created and handpicked by Thomasina Miers, co-founder of the award-winning Wahaca restaurants. Recipe highlights include roast tomato tortilla soup, Bunuelos, and pork pibil.

"This is a really special book," said Amazon customer Diane, who rated this cookbook 5 stars. She added; "I try to buy cookery books only by people from/who have lived in the country or region they're writing about. Miers lived in Mexico and clearly loves the food. This especially comes through in the little sections dotted throughout which provide information about Mexican foodstuffs such as the many varieties of chili and even cactus, which sounds delicious. Also included throughout are pronunciations of ingredients/dishes which is a wonderful idea. I really liked this as it felt like a mini cookery course was included. I am vegan and find this book caters very well to my diet."

5. Dishoom: From Bombay with Love

Dishoom cookbook

Published in Sept 2019

Why we love it: It's an Amazon bestseller and we can see why.

With locations in London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburgh, you might have already fallen under the spell of this incredible Bombay-inspired restaurant chain, Dishoom. Its best-selling dishes include the bacon naan roll, black daal, okra fries, jackfruit biryani, chicken ruby, and lamb raan, not to mention a lightly spiced cocktail list which are to die for.

This restaurant cookbook is one of Amazon's bestsellers with over 80% of Amazon customers giving this book 5 stars. "As an avid - almost compulsive - collector of recipe books, I have to say that this is a truly wonderful book. The recipes, the stories, the illustrations, the design, the aesthetic presentation, and the sheer volume of information and inspiration are astounding. Dishoom - yet again you have outdone yourselves. Fantastic. Without a doubt, Rashmi Thakrar, wherever he might be, is extremely proud."

6. Wagamama: Feed your soul

Wagamama cookbook Best restaurant cookbooks

Published Sept 2019

Why we love it: A tasty roundup of Wagamama's best recipes.

Missing your fix of Wagamama’s Katsu curry? This book has the exact recipe for you to recreate at home plus some other restaurant favourites including yaki soba, prawn firecracker, and mushroom ramen.

Rated an average of 4.7 stars by Amazon customers. "Fantastic book with so many recipes of the restaurant's favourite dishes plus many others I've not seen on the menu before. It includes shopping lists and lists of substitution items which is great for making sure you can still follow the recipes. The instructions are easy to follow."

7. LEON Happy Fast Food

Leon cookbook

Published in May 2020

Why we love it: A vibrant cookbook full of both sweet and savoury recipes for a variety of occasions.

More of a wholesome fast food spot than a restaurant but nevertheless Leon’s newest cookbook Happy Fast Food, released back in 2020, is full of quick tasty ideas for all occasions. There are more than 100 recipes organised under five categories: Breads & Buns, Salads, On the hob, Grilled & Baked, Sides, Sauces & Rubs, and Sweets & Shakes.

"I have literally hundreds of cookbooks and it's rare for me to find a new book that I want to cook almost everything in it. It is modern, fresh, and innovative, but the recipes are easy to make. It really is Happy Food that you will never tire of. I bought 2 extra copies as gifts and have had great feedback, so that's three of us who think it's a fantastic book. Leon has really excelled with this one," said one very happy Amazon customer who rated this cookbook 5 stars. One of the best restaurant cookbooks.

8. Ottolenghi Simple

Ottolenghi Simple cookbook

Best restaurant cookbooks: Published in Sept 2018

Why we love it: A great selection of dishes to choose from - from meat to fish, from veggie options and so on.

Famed as the man who brought Tahini to the masses, it is rare to find anyone who does not love everything on the menu at Yotam Ottolenghi’s six London restaurants and delicatessens. Boasting 130 dishes this book will make the most of the herbs and spices lurking at the back of your kitchen cupboards. There are delicious rich meat and fish dishes but also some fantastically inventive options for vegetarians such as herb fritters and whole roasted celeriac with coriander seeds. Leftovers seem to taste even better the next day; if there are any, that is!

Rated 5 stars by over 80% of Amazon customers, this cookbook has been reviewed by 7,000 customers. "I have a couple of other Ottolenghi books but I’ve been really looking forward to this one for the promise of it being 'Simple' and it is perfect! This is one of those rare cookbooks where you want to cook almost everything. We’ve already tried four recipes and all have been really delicious and we haven’t even had to buy anything special." Another happy customer added; "Brilliant quality and substantial book. Lots of recipe ideas that I can adapt for my own family preferences. I would criticise the price of some ingredients...'Rose Harissa' is an example. Not everyone can afford this as just one ingredient in a recipe. Some substitutions are required but also good for introducing these new ingredients that we can try when we can. A really good book."

9. Big Mamma Cucina Popolare

Big Mamma Cucina Popolare cookbook

Published in Nov 2019

Why we love it: A delicious array of mouthwatering Italian recipes.

While the UK is awash with pizza delivery services, everybody has that one favourite romantic Italian they can’t get out of their heads. For our money this is the cookbook to dress up for. Stick Dean Martin on Spotify and master fresh pasta, pizza dough, risottos, and the ultimate Tiramisu. Circolo Populare in London’s upmarket Fitzrovia, has become known almost overnight as one of the most romantic settings in the country with its warm lighting and ceilings festooned with flower garlands and fairy lights. Master this cookbook and you might get lucky!

This book has been called a 'delicious beautiful book', with 'wonderful modern recipes'. Happy customer Anna, who gave this cookbook 5 stars also commented; "This is my favorite restaurant in Paris. The cookbook does not disappoint." This book has been rated an average of 4.6 stars by Amazon customers. 

10. River Cafe 30

Best restaurant cookbooks: River Cafe 30 cookbook

Published in Oct 2017

Why we love it: A beautifully designed cookbook that offers recipes from the restaurant.

For more than 30 years, River Cafe has been the most famous Michelin-starred Italian restaurant in the country and is well-known as the place which kick-started Jamie Oliver’s TV career when he was talent-spotted at the grill one night. For those who want to learn more about Italy’s unusual heritage dishes such as slow-cooked veal shin and pasta with langoustine and pecorino.

"This is not just one of the loveliest books you might own - you can unashamedly put it on your coffee table - but it is also a really useful cookbook," says Amazon customer Kobe. "It has so many of the best recipes from the River Cafe in London. They are simple to execute, and guaranteed to please your guests, family, and yourself. The book also has a wonderful story - about two women, Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers who turned their ideas about food (Italian) into a world-class restaurant - and they did it by redefining the way a restaurant should exist, not only by using the best and freshest ingredients but by treating customers and employees with integrity, kindness, and generosity. The book, River Cafe 30 is simply a delightful path to pleasure. Mine has never made it to the coffee table, it stays in the kitchen. I might buy another."

 11. Le Manoir Aux Quat'Saisons

Best restaurant cookbooks

Published in Oct 2016

Why we love it: Take your cooking skills to the next level with this impressive recipe book - perfect for dinner parties.

This personal tour of Raymond Blanc’s legendary restaurant-hotel through each of the four seasons stars 120 lip-smacking recipes from his celebrated kitchens. Not the most recent of the top chef’s books, but still the one you want to have on your kitchen shelves. Set in the rolling Oxfordshire hills, Le Manoir is the bastion of haute cuisine and holds two Michelin stars for a reason. Learn how to master classic steak frites, Soupe au pistou and Soufflé de rhubarbe and – once lockdown is over- never fail at dinner parties again.

Rated 5 stars by over 87% of Amazon customers. "This is an absolutely stunning book, a big beautiful one full of memories, experiences, and sharing. A lot of love has been put into this and it shows, you feel the experience as Raymond does and to read about not just an exquisite place and food but the memories and thoughts of how it came about and what emotions it evokes in Raymond and his family/team take you on a lovely journey through the hotel and the gardens. Well worth the money, will be treasured, a forever book, stunning images, thoughtful writing, and wonderful recipes to try. I especially liked the little symbols depicting if it was made in the restaurant or the cookery school, attention to detail like this makes it even more special."

12. Hawksmoor at Home

Hawksmoor at Home cookbook

Best restaurant cookbooks: Published in Oct 2021

Why we love it: From the perfect steak to your best ever roast supper, this is the book to stave off meat cravings.

From the team behind the UK’s best steakhouse, Hawksmoor at Home shows you how to buy and cook 100 restaurant standard recipes in your humble kitchen. You’ll also learn all the sauces, from classics such as béarnaise to peppercorn. There is even a guide on how to make bar-quality cocktails at home and how to pick the best wines to go with each course. Plus it’s not all steak - don’t buy it without looking up the recipe for how to make a lobster roll.

"The quality of this book is out of this world. We gifted it to friends as a housewarming present and we were sad to part with it!" said Amazon customer Richard, who gave this book 5 stars. "Even just a quick glance through and you could find yourself sat there for hours, reading through about the cuts of meat and the best ways to get the most from your dishes. A gorgeous gift or treat to yourself - do it!"

13. Kricket: An Indian-inspired cookbook

Best restaurant cookbooks

Published in May 2018

Why we love it: Keen to discover new and inventive ways to use Indian spices in your cooking? This is the cookbook for you.

With over 80 mouth-watering recipes to choose from you are sure to find a new favourite. Will Bowlby presents his modern take on the classic rice dish Haddock Kichri and offers exciting new combos such as the creamy crab scotch egg with moilee sauce. Recipe highlights also include masala papad, butter garlic crab, and Keralan fried chicken. One of the best restaurant cookbooks.

"A really beautifully produced and designed book. The recipes by Will Bowlby are incredibly imaginative and even to an inexperienced cook like myself, are so encouraging in their descriptions that I want to have a go. The photographs are beautiful as is the look of the dishes themselves, something that cannot always be said about Indian food! Will Bowlby’s background and inspiration for this book, are the two years he spent cooking mostly in Mumbai and then traveling around India gathering ideas and recipes. This really is a new take on cooking combining the spices of India with the best of British produce. The great Pierre Koffman writes in the Foreword: 'I never expected a young Englishman to show such mastery of Indian cuisine. I haven't asked him to tutor me, but I am hoping to learn a thing or two from this book'. Well said!"

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