Christmas hacks: How to transform marshmallows into fun food gifts

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  • If you like marshmallows, you’re going to love these fun, festive hacks that turn your favourite, sugary treats into Christmas foods you’ll definitely want to show off to friends and family.

    These two nifty hacks are a great way of using up leftover marshmallows during the festive season and they make delicious, easy food gifts too, that really won’t break the bank to make.

    The kids are going to love both of them – especially when served with a cup of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream.

    Marshmallow snowman

    How cute is this relaxed marshmallow snowman just floating in your hot chocolate? These novelty treats are easy to make using three medium marshmallows, writing icing, a small ball of orange fondant shaped like a carrot, pretzels and a cake pop stick to keep them all in place!

    Carefully push the three marshmallows onto the cake pop stick like a skewer. Take two pretzel sticks and break into four pieces, two shorter than the others. Add the short pieces to the middle marshmallow to make the arms and then add the longer pieces to the bottom to make the legs.

    Choose which end will be the face and draw on the snowman’s eyes, mouth and a dot for the nose. Finally pop on your orange fondant ‘carrot’;. Ta-dah! You’ve got yourself one very chill-axed snowman.

    Chocolate dipped marshmallows

    How festive do these chocolate dipped marshmallows look? They make perfect food gifts for loved ones this Christmas or alternatively they’d make delicious festive, sweet canapés.

    They’re so easy to make too. All you need is some dark chocolate, melted, some large marshmallows and some peppermint candy canes of course!

    Using a cake pop stick or skewer make a hole in the centre of your marshmallow, making sure you don’t push all the way through. Add the candy cane and then carefully dip into the dark chocolate (which should be cooled slightly, otherwise it’ll melt the marshmallow!)

    Crush some of your candy cane sticks to make the candy dust and then sprinkle over the melted chocolate. Leave to set and then get serving!

    Which marshmallow treat is your favourite? Comment below and don’t forget to share your pics with us on Facebook. Happy Christmas!

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