Top 10 food phobias

New reseach has revealed the nation's top 10 food phobias - see what foods have made the list...

(Image credit: Gherkins)

New reseach has revealed the nation's top 10 food phobias - see what foods have made the list...

New reseach has revealed the nation's top 10 food phobias.

One step on from the most hated food in the country, phobias are an actual fear of certain types of food.

So what food installs such a fear in people? Strong flavours and seafood are common features on the list of top phobias by the Share the Love of the Loch Study by Loch Fyne Seafood & Grill - click through to see the full list...

10. Gherkins

The strong, sharp flavours of gherkins have seen them become the subject of people's food phobias.

How to love them: Start small. Cut into small pieces and add to a salad or burger. Once you're used to the flavours, opt for larger pieces. We think they're a little like olives, once you like them, you love them.

9. Fish on the bone

Sea Bass is simply grilled or barbequed and served with a delicious Greek dressing. A perfect dish ti eat with salads or on it's own.

This one we can understand. There's nothing quite as annoying as eating a beautiful piece of fish and having to continually remove pieces of bone from your mouth.

How to love it: If buying from the fish counter, ask the fishmonger to fillet the fish for you and remove the bones.Or learn how to fillet a fish with our video guide.

8. Shellfish

Esy to follow cooking technique in preparing mussels. This is quick to cook and so delicious as a starter or main.

Salty and with a very distinct 'fishy' flavour and texture, shellfish is another strong tasting food that has got it's fair share of haters. Mussels, cockles, clams and scallops all fall under the category of shellfish.

How to love them: Try cooking shellfish in a subtle sauce like a creamy garlic or white wine sauce to neutralise the flavours like in our moules marinières recipe.

7. Liver

Liver and Bacon

Liver has a bad reputation - the idea of it has people turning away from the food before even trying it.

How to love it: Try it with other meaty ingredients such as bacon in our classic liver and bacon recipe - you'll be surprised by the texture and flavour.

6. Blue cheese


(Image credit: Stilton)

Even cheese lovers have been known to shy away from blue cheese, the sharp, strong flavours are very divisive - you either love it or you hate it!

How to love it: Start with subtle, creamy cheeses such as brie and camembert then gradually increase strength as you get used to the flavours.

5. Anchovies

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The oily fish is again a victim on it's own strong flavour. The salty fish is a great ingredient to add to your cooking - once you've overcome your phobia that is!

How to love them: Start by adding them to a dish you already love, such as pasta or pizza. Once you're used to the salty flavours, try them on their own.

4. Meat cooked rare

Steak with mushroom suace

Bloody meat isn't the nicest looking ingredient on the plate so it's totally understandable why it has become a high ranking food phobia.

How to love it: Eating meat rare is all about the flavour. Juicy and tender, rare steak in particular is something you can train yourself into liking. Gradually reduce the cooking time on your meat and you'll soon become addicted to the juicy texture.

3. Offal

Parcel of haggis

Offal is the collective term for organ meats and entrails like tripe, kidneys and tongue.

How to love it: With offal, the best thing is to not think about what you're eating. Dishes such as haggis, use it to delicious effect - it's just best to concentrate on the flavours as opposed to where the meat came from.

2. Fish with eyes

mood boosting foods,

Whole fish, with eyes, are a high contender in the top food phobias list. Food with a face is always a little disconcerting.

How to love it: If you love fish but cringe at the idea of either cooking or removing the head, opt for fillets or ask the fishmonger to remove the head before you buy.

1. Oysters

Platter of oysters

This shellfish was singled out as the top food phobia in the country. It's not the most common food so if you do have a fear, we're think it's safe to say you can avoid this strong-flavoured ingredient.

How to love it: If you really want to conquer your oyster phobia, you can try experimenting with different flavour accompaniements such as butter and herbs or a bloody mary dressing.

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