The Murder of Logan Mwangi: Where is Angharad Williamson and John Cole now?

Where is Logan Mwangi's mum Angharad Williamson now? Everything you need to know about his murder and her involvement

Angharad Williamson now
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The murder of five year-old Logan Mwangi in 2021 left the nation heartbroken. And many are now wondering what happened to his mum Angharad Williamson.

Angharad Williamson - alongside Logan's stepfather John Cole and a teenager who can't be named for legal reasons - were found guilty of murdering young Logan last summer. Now, ITV are releasing a documentary about the tragic case, with interviews and police footage, to help tell the story of what really happened to the innocent boy.

Following the high profile cases of Seth Rich, sextorter Ryan Vallee and swatting criminal Tyler Barriss - which feature in the Netflix series Web of Make Believe - the documentary will likely be a tough watch for viewers. So where is Angharad Williamson now and did she go to prison? Here's what you need to know.

Where is Angharad Williamson now?

Angharad Williamson received a life sentence - serving a minimum of 28 years - after being found guilty of murdering her son, Logan Mwangi, on 21st April 2022. Her sentencing took place on June 30, 2022.

Angharad fell to the ground crying: “no, no, no, no, no” as she and the teenage boy were also convicted of perverting the course of justice.

She is the daughter of City of London stockbrokers and attended private school. After moving out of her mother's home as a teenager she got into trouble with the police for spending money on her mum's credit card and even taking her car out for a drive illegally.

a photo of Logan Mwangi - the son of Angharad Williamson

A photo of Logan Mwangi who died in July 2021.

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She met Logan's dad, Ben Mwangi and gave birth to Logan in March 2016. 

She told the court she was a devoted single mother, saying: "I took pictures every day, I took pictures of him sneezing, of him coughing. I was so overjoyed by Logan. I loved the bones of that boy. My mum was like a second mum to Logan. She was great."

She added: "We were very close. Logan was my little sidekick. We did everything together, he was such beautiful a happy little boy. He was so clever, he wanted to explore the world and see what it was about. He was so clever and I was so proud, so proud, I put his photos up on my windows and showed him off on Facebook – I was so proud of him."

Where is stepfather John Cole now?

Like his partner Angharad, John Cole was awarded a life sentence - serving a minimum of 29 years - after being found guilty of murder and perverting the course of justice. He received this sentence on June 30, 2022.

John met Logan's mother in April 2019 and she told the court how their relationship was "perfect" to begin with, but went downhill when Logan's biological father resumed contact with his son.

He became convinced that Angharad was having an affair with Logan's dad. She told the court: "He was very cold to me. I felt like I was being interrogated a lot."

John Cole the partner of Angharad Williamson who was found guilty of murdering Logan Mwangi

Logan's stepfather John Cole.

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Angharad said that John even repeatedly quizzed Logan about the alleged affair. But she claimed it was to cover for his own affair with a man he met at the gym. She said: "Jay would ask leading questions and say to Logan: 'Mummy and daddy were kissing, yes?' If you do that to a five-year-old then they're going to want to agree with you." She added: "It was because of his guilt because he had an affair with another man."

She admitted that John "picked on" Logan and that she didn't challenge his cruel punishments. 

John, who was a member of far-right group the National Front, is said to have called Logan "Coco Pop" and "dehumanised" him because of his mixed race heritage. But he claimed the racist term was meant in an "affectionate" way.

Prosecutor Caroline Rees QC said: "He was a child of mixed race and it is relevant to a dehumanising attitude towards Logan."

The court also heard that he was described as "very racist" by former friends and partners while growing up.

Caroline Rees added that his "beliefs" could have been "relevant to his motives" in the attacks on Logan. She said: "He would meet with racist groups and was a member of the National Front. His view of Logan was infected by racism."

However this evidence was not heard by the jury, as it had passed the legal gateway for being submitted.

The Murder of Logan Mwangi documentary

The tragic story of Logan Mwangi will be told in a new ITV documentary titled The Murder of Logan Mwangi. It features interviews from Logan's father Ben and those who worked on the investigation. With access to South Wales Police homicide detectives, the programme captures the arrest and police questioning of Logan’s mother and her partner, alongside the painstaking work to prove who killed him. 

The documentary shows the chronological order of events, from the 999 call to the final court case. The behind-the-scenes footage follows every step of this harrowing story - one of South Wales Police’s biggest investigations.

Mark O’Shea, Chief Inspector, South Wales Police, said: “It is probably one of the most concerning calls that police will ever deal with, missing children. You know instinctively that any one of them could be the occasion where something tragic has happened.”

What happened to Logan Mwangi?

Logan Mwangi was murdered in his home on 31st July 2021. His body was found dumped in the River Ogmore, close to his home in Sarn, Bridgend county. Stepfather John Cole and the teenager were captured on CCTV carrying Logan's lifeless body to the river in the early hours of the morning. 

His mum then called the police at 5.45am to falsely report Logan missing and began "hyperventilating" down the phone.

She was heard "wailing and shouting" during the call and claimed he'd been kidnapped.

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Prosecutor Caroline Rees QC said she played the "part of a distraught mother to the best of her acting abilities."

Logan had suffered abuse at the hands of Angharad and John for months before his tragic death.

In August 2020 Logan suffered a broken arm – an injury his mother admitted covering up and lying to police about. She told police that Logan had fallen down a flight of stairs and, thinking that he suffered a dislocated shoulder, tried to "pop it" back into place. 

It was not until January 2021 that she told police Logan's fall was not accidental – and that he had in fact been pushed down the stairs by the teenager. That phone call led to social services becoming involved with the family and Logan being placed on the child protection register.

But despite this, the abuse got worse and in May 2021, Angharad burned Logan with a boiling hot teaspoon she pulled from a cup of coffee. 

The wound was so serious Logan "yelped" and jumped back and was left with a burn mark to his neck. But Williamson and Cole successfully covered this up, telling social workers that Logan had burned his neck on the bath tap.

Two weeks after the burn, Logan's status on the child protection register was stepped down from a "child in protection" to a "child in need" meaning they needed less frequent contact with the family.

In his final few weeks on earth Logan had become miserable and anxious – wetting himself and self-harming by pinching himself or biting his lips until they bled. 

Prosecutor Caroline Rees QC said: "He had been kept like a prisoner in his small bedroom – a room described by Angharad Williamson as 'like a dungeon' with the curtains closed and a barred child's gate stopping him from moving about the rest of the flat."

When he was found, Logan had suffered "56 catastrophic injuries" including extensive bruising to the back of his head and tears in his liver and bowel, which experts said were so severe they were consistent with those seen in road traffic accidents.

He had also suffered a fractured shoulder, extensive bleeding to the scalp and a significant trauma to the brain.

Experts said the injuries could have only been caused by a "brutal and sustained assault" inflicted on Logan in the hours, or days, prior to his death, adding the injuries were "consistent with child abuse."

How many episodes of The Murder of Logan Mwangi?

The Murder of Logan Mwangi is a one-off documentary which will air on ITV at 9pm on Thursday 30th June. The documentary is an hour long and can be watched live on ITV, or on the ITV Hub.

The case, led by Chief Inspector Mark O’Shea and Detective Inspector Lianne Rees, shows first-hand the dedication of those police officers as they try to deliver justice for Logan and his family.

The programme airs on the same day that Angharad Williamson, John Cole and the unnamed teen are due for sentencing.

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