McDonald's halloumi fries are on the new summer menu with four brand new burgers

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McDonald’s halloumi fries are hitting the summer menu this year along with four brand new burgers.

Over the summer, the fast-food giant will roll out the new items in two waves, including items themed around tastes of the Mediterranean.

If you’re a loyal McDonald’s lover, you’re probably clued up on how to make sure you get fresh fries every time and know all the best hidden menu hacks. And you’ve probably been wishing halloumi fries would be rolled out on the menu for ages, too.

Four soft halloumi sticks will be gently battered and served with a delicious tomato sauce with each serving of the squeaky cheese.

Rivals including Burger King have already offered the cheesy side, but McDonald’s halloumi fries are now becoming a reality.

The McDonald's chicken italian stack

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The Italian Stack, Crispy Chicken Italiano, Spanish Stack, and Chicken Fiesta are four new burgers to try. The entire menu will not be offered at once; rather, the Mediterranean flavours will be featured for a few weeks at a time before being replaced by the next in line.

A tiramisu McFlurry is also arriving, along with a citrusy Spanish Fruit Punch for hot summer days.

McDonald's Tiramasu McFlurry

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As with every McDonald’s revamp, certain fan favourites will be phased out for the time being, with the Grand Big Mac, McSpicy chicken sandwich, and Flake McFlurry scheduled to disappear.

After the Taste of Italy menu items have had their time, McDonald’s lovers will be able to sample the Taste of Spain and Cyprus menu next month. From July 27, the Spicy Spanish Stack and Chicken Fiesta burgers will be available.

And for those who are hankering after a more classic McDonald’s cheese option, McDonald’s has also confirmed that mozzarella dippers are making a come back this week.

A special announcement shared on the official McDonald’s Twitter account said, “You asked, we deliver. Back TOMORROW,” alongside a video of countless messages from dipper fans begging for them to be brought back.

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