How much is Martin Lewis worth?

He's been helping us all save money for the best part of two decades, but how much is Martin Lewis worth?

Martin Lewis receiving a CBE in 2022
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With the 20th anniversary of the launch of the MoneySavingExpert website looming, many people are wondering how much Martin Lewis is worth. 

The award-winning consumer website was created by Martin for just £100 back in February 2003 and has since gone on to become the biggest consumer website in the UK, with more than 16 million users each month. 

Martin is also a regular face on TV, tirelessly campaigning for the rights of consumers across the country. He has been instrumental in helping the public through the cost of living crisis, sharing crucial advice and tips - like this Amazon Prime hack (opens in new tab), this Christmas warning (opens in new tab) or this travel tip (opens in new tab) to help people to save money and avoid any costly mistakes. 

How much is Martin Lewis worth?

According to The Sunday Times Rich List 2021 (opens in new tab), Martin Lewis' net worth is £123 million. It is thought this is largely down to the sale of the MoneySavingExpert (opens in new tab) (MSE) website to the MoneySupermarket group back in 2012. 

Speaking about the origins of MSE, Martin says on the website: "It's funny to look back at the birth of MoneySavingExpert – in many ways it went viral before the term viral did.

"Looking back, I'm staggered by how it all happened. I wish I'd been clever enough to design the growth with a masterplan, but in truth, it's been a gradual, instinctive thing over many years.

"The fact this once-little site is now a campaigning beast, such that when it growls even Number 10 listens, as well as being a place millions have saved billions, is a source of great pride.

"Yet the most important thing is still that this is a place consumers can call home."

How did Martin Lewis get started?

Before launching MSE, Martin Lewis was a business and personal finance journalist, writing newspaper columns and appearing on TV. He also started emailing his friends with money tips, which led to the birth of MSE.

Martin says: "If during my research I stumbled across a short-lived way to save money that was too quick to be able to put out in my work, I'd pop them in an email to friends with the tongue-in-cheek subject line 'Martin's Money Tips'.

"I didn't think much of it until, after a couple of months, I was at a party and people I'd never met before were thanking me for the emails. My friends had been forwarding it to their friends. I thought I'd make it easier and set up an email list built around a basic homepage so anyone could get the info. I'd never have believed that email would end up being sent to so many millions each week."

Since launching MSE, Martin has also amassed a huge social media following, and hosts The Martin Lewis Money Show on ITV. He was awarded an OBE in 2014 for his services to consumer rights and his charitable work, and was then awarded a CBE for his services to broadcasting and consumer rights in 2022.

In 2018, he also famously sued Facebook for defamation after more than 1,000 fraudulent ads featuring his name or a picture of him were found on the social network. He dropped the lawsuit and in return Facebook agreed to donate £3 million to Citizens Advice to help fight scams, and to launch a scam ads reporting tool for the UK with a dedicated team to handle the complaints.

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Does Martin Lewis have a child and is he married?

Martin Lewis shares a daughter named Sapphire with his wife, TV presenter and journalist Lara Lewington, whom he married in 2009. Sapphire was born in 2012 and the family reside in London.

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