How much does Mick Lynch earn? Here's the RMT union leader's salary

The RMT boss has been open about his annual salary

A close up of RMT union leader Mick Lynch wearing a sticker saying 'I support the rail workers'
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While rail workers across the country strike for a better pay deal, members of the public have begun to wonder how much does Mick Lynch earn? The man who many consider the face of the ongoing industrial action.

Months of train strikes have caused havoc on Britain's railways and disrupted many travellers' plans. The reason why rail workers are striking is no secret, as the cost of living crisis has left employees across a range of industries taking to strike action to try and secure a pay rise that's in line with inflation.

Mick Lynch, general secretary of one of the unions staging strikes and one of the faces of the Enough is Enough campaign - which aims to fight the cost of living crisis - has suddenly become a well-known public figure as a result of the ongoing dispute. And just like many wanted to know how much train drivers earn after many in the profession decided to strike, similar questions are now being asked of Mick Lynch's salary.

How much does Mick Lynch earn?

Mick Lynch has been open about his salary in the past, explaining on Talk TV that his salary is £84,000 a year, plus national insurance, tax and pension contributions.

Mr Lynch shared his salary with host Piers Morgan following previous reports that the union leader made £124,000. Morgan repeated the claim several times in the interview, to which the union leader revealed the real figure.

Mick Lynch also set the record straight while in a live interview with Good Morning Britain. GMB presenter Paul Brand asked Lynch: "What support are you giving members? Because you’re on a six-figure salary. I’m not going to demonise you for that this morning, there is many a politician on a six-figure salary."

Lynch was quick to shut down this claim, saying, "I’m not. I’m not on a six-figure salary. That’s completely untrue. Where did you get that from?"

Does Mick Lynch get paid on strike days?

According to the RMT's official Twitter page, "Mick Lynch donates his salary on strike days to the dispute hardship fund".

The RMT's National Dispute Fund makes hardship payments to support striking members taking part in disputes through donations made to the union.

What is Mick Lynch's job?

Mick Lynch is the general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT), a position which he has held since May 2021. The RMT represents members from almost every sector of the transport industry.

The general secretary is essentially the leader of the union, and they attend high profile meetings and negotiations on behalf of the union and its members, and make decisions for the organisation that ensure its members are represented.

Lynch first became a member of the RMT after he started working for Eurostar in 1993, and worked his way up the union. Prior to being elected as general secretary, he served two terms as assistant general secretary.

What is Mick Lynch's background?

Mick Lynch was born is West London in 1962 and grew up near Paddington, though his parents were from Ireland. 

After leaving school at 16, Lynch qualified as an electrician and began working in construction, but when he joined a union he was black listed from the trade (he later received a large settlement from this).

During the ongoing strike action, Lynch has been a prominent figure, participating in many TV and radio interviews.

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