Where is Liz Truss now and what might she do next?

The former Prime Minister has been keeping a low profile since her resignation

Liz Truss giving a speech outside Downing Street
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After Liz Truss resigned (opens in new tab), thoughts quickly moved on to who would replace her and what would happen next in the world of British politics. But as the dust settles, people are beginning to ask where is Liz Truss now?

She may have only been in office for 50 days, but a lot happened during Liz Truss' time as Prime Minister. A heavily criticised mini budget saw her first Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng sacked, and the annual Conservative Party conference was marred by infighting ahead of a chaotic vote on fracking.

Now, Rishi Sunak has taken over as leader of the Conservative Party. Though the attention she was afforded while she was PM seems to have resided, with people no longer asking so many questions like does she have children (opens in new tab) or where does she live, much like the public wanted to know where will Boris Johnson live (opens in new tab) when he resigned, many are now asking the same of Liz Truss.

Where is Liz Truss now?

Liz Truss has kept out of the public eye since she stepped down, but her fellow Conservative MP Therese Coffey - who has since been appointed as environment minister by Rishi Sunak - has said Truss is "enjoying a well-deserved break".

Coffey told Sky News (opens in new tab): "I have of course been in touch with Liz. She’s a good friend," adding in a separate interview with BBC Breakfast that she is spending "good quality time with her family" after what has "clearly" been a "high tempo time" for them.

Coffey added: "I believe that she will continue to be a strong advocate of key Conservative principles. I look forward to seeing her again when she's come back from her short break with her family."

But, despite her low profile, Liz Truss has not been absent from the headlines. Claims recently emerged that her phone was hacked while she was foreign secretary, prompting calls for the government to open an investigation, while extracts from a new biography - Out of the Blue: the Inside Story of the Unexpected Rise and Rapid Fall of Liz Truss (opens in new tab) - has made headlines due to demands that have seen her compared to a 'rock star'. These include her insistence on bagels or sushi for lunch and double espressos served in a flat-white-sized takeaway cup.

Is Liz Truss still in Parliament?

Yes, Liz Truss is still an MP. She has been the Conservative MP for south west Norfolk since 2010 and will remain in this position until the next general election (opens in new tab), when she will stand for re-election.

However, as she has not been appointed to the new cabinet, Liz Truss is now a backbench MP. This means she holds no official position in Government and sits towards the back in the House of Commons. 

Before her resignation, Liz Truss had been in government since September 2012, when she was appointed to the post of parliamentary under-secretary in the Department for Education.

What will Liz Truss do now?

Liz Truss will continue to serve as MP for south west Norfolk. Though many Prime Ministers go on to secure book deals or are often asked to speak at events, it's less likely that this will be the case for Liz Truss, given her short time in office.

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However, she won't need to worry about her finances. Not only will she continue to receive her MP's salary of £84,144, the question of how much do ex-Prime Ministers get paid (opens in new tab) has been a hot topic recently as it emerged that Liz Truss is entitled to a £115,000 a year allowance for her her short time in office.

Liz Truss net worth

According to the Express (opens in new tab), Liz Truss has a net worth of around £8.4 million. Not only has she made her money through a career in politics, she first worked in the oil and telecom industries before being elected as an MP.

From 1996 to 2000, Truss worked for Shell, during which time she qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant, and then went on to work for Cable & Wireless as economic director.

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