Thought you had it bad? Pregnant mum with 21 kids reveals how she’s coping with homeschooling

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  • Expectant mum-of-21, Sue Radford, took to Instagram to share a glimpse of life without school

    To many parents, homeschooling their children can seem like a mammoth task – especially when you’re brand new to it.

    But with the coronavirus lockdown closing schools, it seems a lot of us have no choice but to brush up on our Maths knowledge for the sake of our little ones.

    For mum-of-21, Sue Radford, it’s an even bigger challenge.

    Currently expecting her 22nd child, Sue, 44, is mum to Britain’s biggest family and has been hit hard by the closure of schools.

    Sue, from Morecambe, Lancs, took to Instagram to show the sheer organisation involved in setting up a home-working station for her nine youngest kids.

    James, 16, Ellie, 14, Aimee, 13, Josh, 12, Max, 11, Tillie, nine, Oscar, eight, Casper, seven, and Hallie, four, have been trying to get used to distance learning from the family home.

    Busy mum Sue, who is now 35-weeks pregnant, posted a snap to her Instagram account of her youngest children hard at work.

    “Day one of homeschooling there probably won’t be a day two,” she jokingly captioned the shot.

    The picture shows her nine youngest kids squeezed around a dining table, littered with piles of books, pens, papers and laptops.

    Fellow parents were quick to rack up comments on her workload, offering their sympathies as they take on the homeschooling challenge, too.

    “I thought I had it bad with 3!!! Good luck!!!!!” one parent commented.

    Another added, “Wow! Take my hat off to you ! I have 4 and it’s something.”

    One stressed-out parent added, “I’ve got six to do and it’s killing me’ – followed by crying emojis.

    The Radfords have often stated they do not claim any benefits, apart from Child Benefit, and rely on dad Noel’s, 49, bakery business to make ends meet.

    To add to the hevaing mix, Sue and Noel also have three grandchildren and their 18-year-old daugther, Millie, is also expecting a baby.

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