Gimlet cocktail recipe

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makes: 1
Skill: easy
Cost: mid
Prep: 5 min
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  • The Gimlet cocktail is a drink for the true gin fans as it’s traditionally made with just gin and lime juice in equal measures.

    This Gimlet cocktail recipe results in a sharp, strong drink. We’ve used a dash of sugar syrup but if you’re a traditionalist, feel free to omit this. Given the cocktail has very few ingredients, it couldn’t be easier or quicker to make.


    • 50ml Conker Dorset Dry Gin

    • 25ml lime
    • 15ml sugar syrup
    • For the garnish:
    • Wedge of lime
    • You will need:
    • Nick and Nora glass


    • Add the Conker Dorset dry gin, lime juice and sugar syrup to a shaker with ice and shake well.

    • Strain into your glass and garnish with a lime wedge.


    Top tips for making a Gimlet cocktail

    • If you don’t have a Nick and Nora glass, any small coupe-style glass is fine
    • Instead of a lime wedge, you could garnish with a wheel of lime that has been sliced to fit on the edge of your glass. A twist of lime peel would also look attractive
    • If you don’t have a cocktail shaker an old jam jar or airtight container make good substitutes
    • This is an easy cocktail to scale up depending on the capacity of your cocktail shaker. You could make it in batches and just give it a quick mix before serving in case the ingredients have separated

    What is a Nick and Nora glass?

    It is a small glass for serving cocktails similar to the Martini glass but more rounded. The glass was named after characters in the thriller ‘The Thin Man’ and is a very elegant and attractive glass for cocktails. It’s best for drinks that are designed to be sipped slowly and are often very strong.

    Who invented the Gimlet cocktail?

    This cocktail is thought to have been created by Sir Thomas Desmond Gimlette, a doctor for sailors who used the gin to offset the taste of lime juice, which was used to prevent scurvy.

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