Leek and egg salad recipe

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Whether you’re looking for a healthy lunch or a light starter this recipe for leek salad is perfect. Sweet leeks, delicious egg and a sharp dressing are a delicious combo.

Leek and egg salad
  • healthy
Preparation Time15 mins
Cooking Time10 mins
Total Time25 mins
Cost RangeCheap
Nutrition Per PortionRDA
Calories270 Kcal14%
Fat23 g33%
Saturated Fat4 g20%

This leek and egg salad is a surprise hit - eggs and leeks go so well together, especially with this tangy dressing. 

The protein in the boiled eggs will make sure you’re left feeling full and content and the sweet leeks combined with the sharp dressing for a satisfying combo. Serve with crusty bread and butter if you fancy making more of a meal of it. This recipe can serve up to 4 people and takes 25 mins to cook overall which makes it one speedy dish. It's a great budget option too - one of our favourite cheap family meals. You can also serve this as a fancy side dish alongside pork chops - serve the leeks and eggs warm in this case. 


  • 2 bay leaves
  • 4 leeks, washed, roots kept intact, leaves trimmed so they are about 20cm long
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 1 tbsp Dijon or 2tsp English mustard
  • 1 tbsp red wine vinegar
  • Good pinch of caster sugar
  • 100ml extra virgin olive oil
  • A handful of tarragon leaves




  1. Bring a large pan of water to the boil with the bay leaves and some salt in it. Add the leeks and the eggs (to hard boil them). Simmer for 10 minutes.
  2. Take out the eggs and run them under cold running water until cool. Test the leeks with a knife and when they’re soft to the core, drain them and lay them on kitchen paper or a tea towel. Dry them gently.
  3. Halve the leeks lengthways, cut off the root end and arrange the leeks in a dish and leave to cool.
  4. Whisk the mustard, vinegar and sugar in a jug, then whisk in the oil, a little at a time, to make a thick dressing.
  5. Blot the leeks dry with kitchen paper. Spoon the dressing over them. Shell the eggs, then coarsely chop the egg whites and push the egg yolks through a nylon sieve. Scatter the white and the yolk over the leeks, and then the tarragon leaves. Grind black pepper over.

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