Nuna Cudl Baby Carrier Review

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"This carrier ticked all the boxes for me. It is supportive, stylish and adaptable. My baby enjoyed using it and the ergonomic design felt very supportive for my back and hips. The fabric is soft and the carrier is very comfortable, even after longer periods of wearing it."

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Extremely soft and comfortable

  • +

    Suitable from birth to three years

  • +

    Machine washable

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    More expensive than similar carriers

  • -

    Limited colours / patterns

  • -

    Adjusting it takes practice

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We asked new mum Sarah McCarron to put the Nuna CUDL baby carrier to the test with her baby daughter, Caitlin, aged 13 months. Read our in-depth review to find out if it's right for you.

Based on feedback from our testers, the Nuna CUDL is the best baby carrier in the premium category.

Nipping to meet a friend and wish you didn't have to lug the pushchair with you? You need a baby carrier. Locations that are normally stressful or even completely off-limits with a buggy are so much easier with your baby in a sling or carrier.

Most babies love being snuggled close, so a carrier is a good way to bond. With a baby carrier, you can offer all the comfort and security of endlessly carrying your baby – but with your hands-free. A carrier enables you to comfort your little one whilst getting on with other tasks. That's especially useful if you have a very unsettled baby or one who suffers from reflux or colic, as they tend to like being held close for extended periods of time.

Baby carriers come in different styles, from slings that you wrap around your body, to carriers that buckle up with straps more like a rucksack. Which one will suit you really depends on what sort of carrier you find most comfortable. Some parents love the flexibility of a wrap-style carrier because you can create the perfect fit for your frame. Others love the no-nonsense accessibility of a more structured carrier that you just pop on and buckle your baby into.

Nuna baby carrier

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Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs: 1.10kg | Age: Newborn to 3 years (3.5-16 kg)

This is a comfortable and adjustable baby carrier, with four different carrying options. You can carry your child on your front (either facing the world or facing you) up until your little one is 18 months. You can also use it as a back carrier for older babies or toddlers up to the age of 36 months.

The CUDL is made from breathable fabric and is machine washable. (That's a really handy feature as carriers can get surprisingly mucky – especially with drooling, teething babies!) The shoulder and waist straps have soft padding, making this a highly comfortable carrier for both baby and parent alike.

Our tester, Sarah, knew about this carrier before putting it to the test. A friend had recommended it to her, and she was suitably impressed. "The first thing I noticed when trying it on was that it was incredibly soft, supportive, and comfortable to wear in comparison with other carriers I have used in the past," she says. "The fabric is really breathable and I like the simple colour scheme. My one-year-old likes to have a good look around her when we're out and about, so she particularly enjoyed the forward-facing position."

Comfort and features

Made from breathable mesh fabric with padded shoulder and waist straps, the Nuna CUDL is designed so that your baby sits in an ergonomic position, whichever way you use the carrier. This promotes healthy spine and hip development.

Securing a baby carrier can be a fiddly technique to master. Lots of parents worry about buying one that ends up being too complex to use. That's not a problem with the Nuna CUDL, thanks to a clever design feature; magnetic buckles. These make putting it on and taking it off really easy. Popping your baby in the CUDL, even in a hurry or without an extra pair of hands around to help, is a doddle. It literally couldn't be easier to use.

The most important element of a baby carrier, above all else, is that it's comfortable to wear. Most brands make this claim, but not all carriers actually live up to the hype when it comes to the comfort factor. The CUDL, however, genuinely does.

"I would recommend this as the most comfortable carrier I have tried, " says Sarah, our tester. "The ergonomic design seemed to really help support my back and hips when carrying a heavier toddler. I particularly like the adjustable Velcro waist strap, because it means I can ensure that my baby’s weight is distributed evenly."

The fabric quality is another feature of this carrier that impressed us. "The structure of the carrier is highly supportive but it's also very soft, making it very comfy if my little one naps in it when we're on the go," says Sarah.

Value for money

This is by no means a budget buy, but you certainly get your money's worth from this versatile baby carrier. With four carry positions and the option of using it from birth but right throughout toddlerhood, it offers good value over the long term.

"Although this carrier is higher in price than some other similar models, I feel it is worth the price due to how comfortable it is," says our tester, Sarah. "The ergonomic design and the choice of lots of different carrying positions add real value."

Overall, this is a highly adaptable carrier that easily lived up to our tester's high expectations. From the soft but durable fabric quality to the stylish design and simple colour, the CUDL won her seal of approval.

She gave it four and a half stars out of five, and says she wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. "It's particularly suitable for anyone looking for an ergonomic baby carrier that's truly comfortable, even after long periods of wearing it," says Sarah. "I've already recommended it to lots of pregnant friends."

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