Sleepea Swaddle Review

We asked new mom Erika Michelle and baby Isabel to try out the Sleepea Swaddle by Happiest Baby

Happiest Baby Sleepea Swaddle
(Image credit: Happiest Baby)
GoodtoKnow Verdict

‘Sleep has been improving night by night with this swaddle – we’re definitely going to stick with this one for as long as possible!’

Reasons to buy
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    Organic cotton

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    Quiet Velcro

Reasons to avoid
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    Baby outgrows quickly

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Size: multiple sizes, up to 33lb | Fabric: organic cotton 

If you’re looking for a speedy swaddle with quiet Velcro that won’t startle a slumbering babe, this might be the best swaddle for you. The Sleepea fastens up in five seconds flat – pretty handy if you’ve got a fussy baby on your hands.  

Our reviewer Erika loved how easy it was to swaddle baby Isabel, and how securely she was fastened once she was in. ‘The biggest fight we normally have with swaddles is when she’s ready to break out,’ she says. ‘But the Sleepea removes that “fight” by having multiple options on how to swaddle the baby as they grow.. There doesn’t seem a way for the baby to break out of it!’ 

Designed by leading pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp (author of The Happiest Baby on the Block and creator of the Snoo bassinet), the Sleepea is approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and also has the National Parenting Center seal of approval. 

Sleepea Swaddle by Happiest Baby

Baby Isabel tries out the Sleepea Swaddle.

(Image credit: Happiest Baby)


The Sleepea is the only swaddle we came across during our research that features an additional panel between the baby’s legs, with a velcro closing over the tummy. ‘This is what sets the swaddle apart for us,’ says our tester Erika. ‘I think this panel helped Isabel feel more snug, and is probably what she liked most about it.’ 

Although the Sleepea features a smooth slide zipper with a two-way zipper for diaper access, the additional panel between the legs means this isn’t the speediest swaddle for diaper changes. 

Our reviewer Erika was impressed with just how fast it was to wrap up her daughter. ‘This is truly a five second swaddle,’ she says. ‘I can even put it on her when she’s already asleep.’ 

When baby begins to show signs of rolling, the Sleepea converts to an arms out swaddle by unpopping a few snappers. This is a handy feature that could give the Sleepea more longevity – although, depending on the size, the baby could have outgrown the swaddle long before they begin to roll. The swaddle comes in four different sizes, which means you may not get a lot of use from the Sleepea before the baby is ready for the next size. 

Comfort and features

The Sleepea is available in two thicknesses: the original 0.5 TOG version, and the 2.0 TOG Sleepea Comforter. Our tester Erika tried out the Comforter version, and absolutely loved the material used. ‘The quality of the fabric is one of my favorite things about the swaddle,’ she says. ‘So warm, and cozy, with a good bit of a fluff to it too.’ 

 We liked that the swaddle is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, perfect for delicate newborn skin. The mesh panels in the original Sleepea are a nice feature to keep baby from overheating in warmer weather. 



Value for money

The original Sleepea costs $32.95, while the Comforter version will set you back $42.95. This is definitely a high-quality swaddle with premium features, such as organic cotton, ultra-quiet velcro, and smooth, speedy zippers. But the short size windows mean that your quick growing little one may not be wearing the swaddle for long. In that case, $42.95 isn’t cheap. 

We think that the Sleepea is well made from superior materials and should stand the test of time. So if you can use your Sleepea for more than one baby, it could end up being an investment piece that helps you get some precious extra sleep. 

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