Duchess Camilla's special trick that helped her thrive in the royal family

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Duchess Camilla has honed a particular skill over her lifetime that was drilled into her as a child by her mother.

The special trick for social scenarios is thought to have helped her thrive in the royal family when she married her husband Prince Charles back in 2005.

The future Queen consort revealed that she was taught, from a young age,  to always fill silence in a conversation in order to keep chatter going and avoid awkward pauses.

"I remember once there was a dinner party at home with some of the most boring neighbours in the world, she’d sit us down at the dinner table and the minute there was silence, she used to say 'Talk! I don’t care what you talk about, talk about your budgie or your pony but keep the conversation going," Camilla told the Daily Mail.

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Royal experts believe that Camilla's quick conversational knack allowed her to do well in life within the monarchy.

"Christine-Marie Liwag Dixon said, "Camilla Parker Bowles considers herself to be something of an expert at the art of conversation, which has served her well while carving out a reputation as one of the busiest senior royals."

Camilla certainly looks set for a busy 2021, having already launched her very own book club this year.

The Duchess is an avid reader and has launched the club called the Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room and created an online space for discussion of the books she will recommend.

Camilla's first read on the list is The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy.

Launching her Instagram account dedicated to The Reading Room, a message said, 'Welcome to HRH The Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room! 📚 We’re excited for you to join us when the first season launches later in January 2021.'

Lots of royal fans were quick to applaud Camilla on her new initiative, thanking her for inspiring them to set a goal of reading more this year.

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'Wonderful! I’ve just set myself a goal to read more in 2021 so this is perfect 👏🏻😊,' one wrote.

'You picked the perfect book 🎯♥️,' agreed another.

'🎉🎉I’m so excited you are doing this ❤️,' a third keen reader chipped in.

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