Duchess Camilla's love for this bizarre frozen food and baked beans might shock you

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The Duchess of Cornwall has confessed that she enjoys the simple pleasures in life, revealing that she loves Findus frozen chicken pie and baked beans. 

Despite having their own chefs to make their weekly meals, the royals' favourite foods are often just like ours, with Prince Harry's Nando's order having been revealed in the past and Prince William being a big lover of pizza and Indian takeaway.

and it appears that Duchess Camilla is more relatable than ever as she's revealed she enjoys a seriously fuss-free frozen meal.

Chatting to her son, Tom Parker Bowles, for You Magazine, Camilla confesses that she approaches cooking in a practical sense, declaring that she likes "nothing too mucked about, or fussy or fiddly".

Camilla revealed she's also a big fan of Findus frozen chicken pies and baked beans, adding that her one bean rule is "always Heinz".

When it comes to a takeaway, Camilla is partial to a trip to the chippy, apparently.

"Freshly cooked fish and chips, wrapped in paper. That smell. You cannot beat proper fish and chips," she said.

ABERAERON, UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 11: Prince Charles, Prince Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall visit an award-winning fish and chip shop on July 11, 2012 in Aberaeron, Wales. (Photo by Anwar Hussein/Getty Images)

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Camilla also reflected on her childhood food experiences noting that she would not be allowed dessert until she had cleared her plate of dinner, sharing details of the after dinner sweet serving that she certainly wasn't a fan of.

"We always had to finish what was on our plate before we ate pudding. That wasn't such a problem when it was rice pudding, as I hated the stuff," Camilla told her son.

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