Prince Charles 'keen to house' Ukrainian refugees in Royal Family palaces

Prince Charles
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Prince Charles is 'keen to house' some Ukrainian refugees in Royal Family palaces according to a royal expert.

Prince Charles is said to be 'keen to house' some Ukrainian refugees in royal palaces as its thought the Queen could follow suit.

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine (opens in new tab) has seen millions of Ukrainians flee their homes in search of safety for them and their families but with no clear sign of the fighting coming to an end, donations (opens in new tab) are pouring in and people around the world are looking at how to house a refugee (opens in new tab).

And now it's been suggested that the Prince of Wales could be set to open the doors of Royal Family residencies to offer those in need a home.

Royal Editor Russell Myers, spoke on ITV's Lorraine show to giving his expert views on the situation. He said, "It's really interesting because the palaces, the Royal family's palaces, are huge in number and huge in size so they obviously have an awful lot of room. It's been a question during the week since the Belgian royal family said they were willing to take in groups of refugees into the royal palaces."

Russel believes that the British royal family's plans "will involve potentially jobs and training within the royal household."

He added, "I understand that Prince Charles is very keen to house some Ukrainian Refugees in Dumfries House in Ayrshire. Could the Queen follow suit? She obviously has the private houses in Sandringham and Norfolk. She's also got the huge Balmoral estate."

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Russell also revealed that the re-homing project is "something that the royal family are very committed to."

He conceded, "It might not be very practical to have them in Buckingham palace as it's still having an awful lot of refurbishment work done."

And added, "This could be a fantastic way for the royal family to do actually something practical."

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla previously showed their support to members of the Ukrainian community during a visit to the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Family in London. Alongside Ukrainian Ambassador Vadym Prystaiko, The Prince and The Duchess met guests including leaders within the Ukrainian community and volunteers helping the humanitarian effort. At the altar inside the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, Their Royal Highnesses lit a candle and laid sunflowers, the national flower of Ukraine.

And a few days later they visited St Luke’s Church in London to hear about @htbchurch’s work supporting refugees and asylum seekers.

During the visit HRH said, "It is an immeasurable tragedy that so much death and destruction exists around the world at this present time, leading to such utter misery for so many people who have to leave their countries like you have. We are so fortunate to have people like the wonderful churches here, who are all over the world - all helping, all providing selfless service under the most challenging, dangerous conditions.”

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You can sign up and fill out a quick form to pledge your support (opens in new tab) online for the Sanctuary Foundation. To date, 15,078 pledges have been registered. This includes 13,000 individuals plus 810 churches, 279 businesses and 59 schools.