Prince Charles opens up on controversial detail of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding

Prince Harry Meghan Markle wedding Prince Charles
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Prince Charles has opened up about one small detail of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding.

The Prince of Wales made a controversial decision to re-wear a suit he had owned since 1984 to his son's big day, and now explained why.

In an interview with British Vogue, he was asked, "The suit you wore to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's wedding – I think it dates back to 1984 by Anderson & Sheppard. Did you ever consider wearing something new?"

And Charles replied, "I've considered it. But in the case of that particular morning coat, as long as I can go on getting into it, I only wear it a few times a year, in the summer, so obviously you want to keep those sorts of things going."

Speaking in line with the launch of his sustainable fashion collection, The Modern Artisan, he added that size is the biggest issue for him, when it comes to buying new clothes.

"If I can't fit into them, then I just have to have something new made. But I'm not sure quite how radically different they can be at my age," he said.

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British Vogue's editor, Edward Enninful, went on to ask Charles his advice for "good wardrobe maintenance," and Charles insisted he's more likely to get an item of clothing repaired over buying something new.

He said, "I happen to be one of those people who'd get shoes – or any item of clothing – repaired if I can. Rather than just throw it away.

"And that's why I think, from an economic point of view, there are huge opportunities for people to set up small businesses involved with repair, maintenance and reuse."

He finished by explaining how this mindset stems from his childhood, "When I was a child, we used to take our shoes down to the cobbler in Scotland and would watch with fascination as he ripped the soles off and then put new soles on."

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