Prince William reportedly ‘detests’ The Crown’s depiction of his parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana

One is not amused...
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  • Prince William is said to be upset over Netflix The Crown's fourth series, after his parents Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana's relationship is covered on the show.

    The popular drama aired its fourth series at the weekend but unlike fans who were excited by its arrival, with new actress Elizabeth Debicki set to portray Diana in The Crown season five and six, the Duke of Cambridge was said to be feeling upset by the coverage.

    The show is noted for being criticised for dramatising royal events or scandals and the latest series has also caused a stir – with some criticising Charles’ relationship with Diana and Camilla.


    Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams agrees the Duke of Cambridge would be upset by the programme. He told The Mail, “William will undoubtedly detest it.

    “I think, if he watches it, he will see it as deeply intrusive and will think its portrayal of senior royals as so malign and ill-mannered as callous and the way it takes so many liberties with fact as deeply deplorable.”

    Meanwhile Prince Charles is expected to take a similar disliking according to Royal biographer Penny Junor, who said Prince Charles would be “incredibly upset” by the series. After she claimed it is riddled with inaccurate depictions of events and personalities. She added: “It’s the most cruel and unfair and horrible portrayal of almost all of them.”


    And some friends of Prince Charles have picked holes in some of the storylines. They claim events show Prince Charles verbally abusing Princess Diana and his bride-to-be confronting him about Camilla at their wedding rehearsal never actually happened. And Royal biographer Tom Quinn also said the show’s portrayal of Diana pursuing Charles was “total nonsense”.

    He said: “That’s total nonsense [that Diana pursued Charles]. That really didn’t happen. It was much more subtle.

    “According to my sources, Diana certainly didn’t accost Charles either in his car or anywhere else.”