Prince Harry fans can't believe how much he's changed in new video

Prince Harry, before his appearance changed in the Californian weather

Fans of Prince Harry have expressed their surprise over how much he seems to have changed recently. 

  • Prince Harry appeared in a video on the Twitter page for England Rugby, in advance of a legendary match happening at Twickenham Stadium this weekend.
  • Fans were delighted to see changes in the prince's appearance, after his move to California last year.
  • In other royal news, the Queen is set to hit an incredible new milestone in the next few days.

Prince Harry appeared in a new video for England Rugby this week and fans were overjoyed to see how well the duke is looking at the moment.

Harry, who was sporting a beard and wearing a smart navy blazer with a white shirt in the video, also gave a heartfelt message to rugby fans.

He said, "In these isolated times, the sheer passion and enjoyment that sport offers can bring great comfort to many. As proud patron of the Rugby Football Union, I join millions of supporters across the entire world in celebrating 150 years of England Rugby."

Fans of the Duke of Sussex widely complemented his appearance in the video and many pointed out how much the Californian lifestyle has changed the prince's appearance and manner.

'He is tanned. Must be the Cali sunshine 🙂', one user wrote. 

Another said, 'Love this man. Authentic through and through. The California warmth and sunshine agree with you mate! 👏'. 

When one asked, 'which castor oil brand he using, though?', another replied, 'Whatever prince Harry’s using, it’s definitely working.'

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The Duke of Sussex also gave a statement in support of England Rugby in the video, in advance of a match between England and Scotland today. The game marks 150 years since the first ever Test, which happened in 1871 in Edinburgh.

However, this isn't the first time that people have commented on how much Prince Harry has changed since his move to the US. Jennifer Dorman, an expert sociolinguist at language learning app Babbel, spoke to Cosmopolitan about how the way he speaks has changed.

"Harry says things like ‘love always wins’ and ‘the power within us’: two very positive, uplifting phrases which many of us would associate with the optimistic attitude of our cousins over the pond," She said, referencing how Prince Harry spoke on the couple's podcast, Archewell Audio

"The expression ‘You guys’ comes up, an American phrase that Harry used to address listeners in both the podcast teaser and during the podcast".

She adds, "In the premiere episode, he even uses the typically American term ‘awesome’ – something which elicits a giggle from his American wife when used".

This isn't the Duke of Sussex's only public appearance this week though. On January 2, he revealed the Invictus Games tournament would be postponed for another year.

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In the video message, he appeared alongside Invictus Games competitors and promised fans that the major sporting event would return "when the world is ready".

It was cancelled last year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but the duke hopes that it will return in the future.

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