The big milestone that Prince Louis hasn't reached yet - and probably won't for a while!

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Prince Louis is undeniably one of the most adorable members of the royal family.

  • Prince Louis has missed out on a big royal milestone that his siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, are well ahead at.
  • It seems like he won't be reaching it for a while either, thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
  • This royal news comes after Duchess Catherine admitted she needs 'expert advice' on her kids' tantrums.

But unlike most little royal tots, Prince Louis is yet to reach one big and special milestone.

While little Prince Louis will be reaching his third birthday in April 2021, he hasn't taken part in a very important aspect of royal life yet.

To add to that, it's something that Prince George and Princess Charlotte were pros at by the time they were Louis' age.

The big thing that Prince Louis has not been able to experience yet is a royal tour!

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In fact, Louis has been to far less royal events in general compared to his older siblings who are dab hands at public appearances and have both mastered the regal wave.

Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic has played a big part in stunting Prince Louis' royal growth, with trips abroad and packed public ceremonies having been totally off the cards this year.

And it's likely Prince Louis' lack of in-person spotlight will continue into 2021, with Covid-19 restrictions looking set to stay in place for at least the first few months of the year.

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We would also usually catch a glimpse or two of Prince Louis at the royal Christmas church trip during the Queen's big royal gathering at Sandringham but there's been sad changes made to those traditions this year, with Her Majesty having to pick a select few to be in her festive bubble.

Prince George started his royal duties very early, travelling to New Zealand with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, nailing his skills as future King at just nine months old.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte Canada tour

Then little Princess Charlotte stole the world's hearts during the Cambridge family's tour of Canada back in 2016.

We haven't missed out on super cute royal kid content this year, though.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis left the nation swooning when they were heard speaking publicly for the first time in a sweet Q&A video with David Attenborough.

They had plenty to ask the nature expert, with Louis keen to know his favourite animal. Spoiler, it's a monkey!

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