11 adorable facts you never knew about Prince George

The Prince is set to turn 7 this year!
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  • Kate Middleton and Prince William's eldest child is already six years old - and set to turn seven in July!

    So as Prince George gets older, we’ve discovered some facts about the cute royal you may not have seen before…

    We may not get to see the cute royal out and about as much as we’d like (particularly now, with the current social distancing measures), but every now and again, the royal family reveals how Prince George is doing.

    However, much of his life is kept private, a decision taken by his protective mum and dad, the Duke and Duchess.

    But if you’d like to find out a bit more about Prince George, we’ve rounded up some of the most adorable facts about the little Prince you never knew.

    Prince George facts you may not have known

    1. He calls the Queen Gan-Gan

    Everyone has names they like to call their grandparents, and Prince George is no exception – even if his great-grandma is the Queen of England! In an interview with ITV for the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations, his mum Kate revealed: ‘George is only two-and-a-half and he calls her “Gan-Gan”.’ We think that’s just too cute!

    2. He knows he’s going to the future King of England some day

    According to Closer magazine, George’s mum and dad are trying to introduce the idea of his future reign to him slowly, now that he’s that little bit older. Reportedly, they are preparing him ‘in a child-like way’ so that the idea of his future as King doesn’t overwhelm him.

    Credit: Aaron Chown/Getty Images

    We know already that George is well aware of photographers and fans whenever he’s out and about, so it’s no surprise that as he gets older, he’s gaining more understanding of his very special future role.

    3. He likes to embarrass his Uncle Harry

    During the President’s visit to the UK, First Lady Michelle Obama revealed that the little Prince kept asking his Uncle Harry why he was so quiet. Harry had to admit to Michelle, ‘So embarrassing… I was on my best behaviour, I’m normally throwing him around the room and stuff.’

    4. He is obsessed with tractors

    Prince William recently revealed that he and Catherine try and get their little ones out in nature as much as possible…and that George loves spotting his favourite piece of farming equipment – tractors.

    On a recent visit to a farm, he said, “My children are already playing on the tractors and … it’s so important to get outside, and have the children understand nature.”

    “He [George] would be absolutely loving this. He’s obsessed!”

    5.His full name is George Alexander Louis… and has a special meaning

    George was the name of Queen Elizabeth’s father George V1 and the prince will be the seventh King George on the throne. Alexander is thought to be in tribute to his Great Grandma, the Queen, whose full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. Meanwhile Louis is thought to be named after his father, William Arthur Philip Louis, as well as the Duke of Edinburgh’s uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten.

    Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

    6. He really likes aeroplanes

    Prince George may look just like his dad, but they also share the same interests. George was seen to be having a great time while visiting the Ray International Air Tattoo in June.

    7. And he looks set to follow in his father’s footsteps as a pilot

    It’s a career that seems perfect for the little prince. Kate even revealed in February: ‘He is now obsessed with the air cadets and wants to join.’ At three years old, he may still be a bit young, with his mum admitting: ‘We are going to have to push that one when he gets to 12.’

    8. His favourite book is Fireman Sam

    He may be a royal, but a £2 copy of Fireman Sam remains the Prince’s favourite story. Kate revealed that the book was his favourite while opening a children’s hospice in Norfolk this March.

    9. But he also loves The Gruffalo

    Credit: Max Mumby/Getty Images

    William revealed that Julia Donaldson’s children’s classic is a favourite of both George and his little sister Princess Charlotte. See, they’re just like us really!

    10. He’s not phased by important visits – and even met Obama in his pyjamas

    If you were about to meet the President of the US, what you were going to wear would probably be an important decision. But George played it cool a few years ago, and greeted President Obama in possibly the cutest pyjamas and dressing gown ever. After all, meeting presidents is nice and everything… but nothing is more important than bed time.

    11. He has a new favourite film

    It wasn’t too long ago that Prince William revealed his and Kate’s firstborn loved The Lion King, calling that his favourite film (an interesting choice, given its parallels to George’s life!)

    But now, it seems he has an entirely different new favourite watch.

    Last year, Wills confessed that George loves How To Train Your Dragon, the 2014 film which features a young Viking who dreams of hunting dragons, but becomes friend with one in the process.