Prince Philip was irritated when the Queen did this lengthy task, having once declared ‘She never stops!’

One was not amused
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  • Prince Philip was irritated when his wife the Queen did this lengthy task after he once commented that 'She never stops'.

    Prince Philip used to be aggravated by the Queen spending hours on the telephone it has been revealed.

    Royal biographer, writer, and broadcaster Gyles Brandreth has revealed the Duke of Edinburgh would cry “She never stops!” and shake his head in mock disbelief at his wife of 73 years for spending so much time on the telephone.

    It was previously revealed that the Queen would often spend the most time speaking to her daughter Princess Anne and her racing manager John Warren.

    The Queen on the telephone

    Meanwhile, her senior assistant and royal dresser Angela Kelly revealed that Her Majesty keeps her phone fully charged at all times. It’s reportedly an ultra-slim model with a camera, small and light enough to fit in a pocket or handbag. And in 2017 author Brian Hoey revealed the Queen sends texts, has a smart phone and iPad – and even her own private social media account.

    The Queen

    No wonder Prince Philip would reportedly cry “She never stops!”

    And it looks like she gets her love of talking on the phone from her late mother the Queen Mother, who was an inveterate user, talking to her friends and family on a daily basis.

    Meanwhile, Prince Philip, in particular, was said to be fascinated by modern technology, and was using laptops and mobiles many years before the Queen.

    As her main protector, the Duke is said to have been “quite frightening” at times if he thought his wife was being attacked in any way. Mr Brandreth, 73, said, “For more than 70 years, he did everything he could to safeguard her person and her dignity. He hated to see her taken advantage of in any way. One year, at the Royal Variety Performance, one of the stars performed a routine aimed directly at the Queen.

    “Prince Philip was incandescent and descended on the producer in the interval: ‘I’ve been coming to this for 50 years. It never ends on time. The jokes are lavatorial. And now you insult the Queen!’” he recalled.

    The Queen and Prince Philip

    And Prince Philip was also said to be firm with wandering photographers during the royal tour. Mr Brandreth said, “More than once, on a walkabout with the Queen, I saw him barking at the press photographers, telling them to ‘get out of the way'”.

    “‘People want to see the Queen,’ he shouted, ‘GET OUT OF THE WAY!’”

    Prince Philip, 99, who died months before his 100th birthday, is said to have not liked getting old. Mr Brandreth added, “He did not like getting old. Twenty years ago, he told me he had no desire to live to be 100. ‘I can’t imagine anything worse,’ he said then. As his centenary approached, he changed his tune, acknowledging that it would be ‘a bit of a milestone, I suppose’.”

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