The Queen sparks fierce debate among royal fans with controversial Pancake Day Instagram post

The Queen
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The latest post shared on the Queen's Instagram account has sparked fierce debate among royal fans.

The Royal Family account shared a topical nugget of information about Her Majesty in honour of Pancake Day 2021 (opens in new tab), revealing her favourite ways to enjoy a pancake (opens in new tab).

The upload features tips from the Queen's royal chefs on how to serve pancakes in ways approved by the monarch, alongside a snap of some rather tasty looking crepe creations.

'The Royal Chefs have suggested three ways to serve pancakes this #PancakeDay. 🍓Jam and cream pancakes 🍋Classic lemon and sugar pancakes 🧀Savoury ham, leek and cheese pancakes,' the post read.

'Enjoy and we hope you have a peaceful #ShroveTuesday,' it went on, giving a nod to the true meaning of Pancake Day (opens in new tab).

While fans of the Queen are usually keen to hear about the royal family's favourite foods (opens in new tab), the insight into the Buckingham Palace kitchen sparked some controversy in the comment section this time.

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It seems that there's a slight language barrier between Brits, Americans and Europeans when it comes to pancakes - with commenters from different parts of the globe engaging in a passionate crepe vs pancake themed debate.

One wrote, 'These are crepes, not pancakes!'

'Don’t wanna compete with the royal chefs but those look like crepes to me,' added another.

'That is a crepe! Pancakes are about a 1/2 inch thick. They look good though,' wrote one more.

'No. I’m European i know what these are. They are flat which means there’s no yeast,' a fourth determined crepe advocate penned.

'These are English pancakes - not crepes 💝,' a British commenter clarified, with another saying, 'To all the non Brits, yes they look like crepes, yes that is what we call pancakes. 😑'

'Seriously people arguing about pancakes. What a load of t**sers 😂,' another chipped in, making sure to include a cheeky Pancake Day pun.

Others were busy drooling over the delicious pancake snaps, with one praising the Queen for her impeccable taste, 'The Queen knows the good stuff 🥞.'

'All 3 options look amazing to try,' agreed a second.