Easy pancake fillings and toppings

Here are some of the best and easiest pancake fillings and toppings...
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  • Pancakes are a great base for a variety of different toppings. We've rounded up our favourite sweet and savoury pancake fillings and toppings.

    From pancakes topped with a rich peanut based curry to pancakes filled with sweet blueberries and sticky marmalade, we’ve got lots of mouthwatering options to choose from.

    Pancakes can be served all year round, not just for Pancake Day. Whether you’re looking to serve them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, you can transform basic pancakes into a range of different meals.

    Top your pancakes with bacon and cheese for a hearty lunch, fill your pancakes with chunks of freshly stewed rhubarb and drizzle with custard for dessert or keep it simple with a classic topping of lemon and sugar.

    We’d recommend trying our avocado pancakes which use mashed avocado in the pancake batter and are topped with a poached egg – ideal for brunch.

    If you end up making too many pancakes and you’re not sure what to do with leftovers, our handy guide on what to do with leftover pancakes will inspire. It has everything from how to store cooked pancakes in the freezer and how to store pancake batter in the fridge.

    Sweet and savoury pancake fillings and toppings

    From Joe Wicks’ Elvis pancakes to Gordon Ramsay’s chocolate crepes, here are some of our best pancake fillings and toppings you can try at home…