The Queen once gave the SASSIEST response when she was asked to remove her crown

The Queen
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The Queen once gave her SASSIEST response to a photographer who asked her to remove her crown.

The Queen responded in the SASSIEST way to a photographer who tried to persuade her to ditch her crown for a photoshoot.

Her Majesty is Queen of England and with her role as monarch she has the highest of social ranks when it comes to status and can do whatever she wants so when a photographer made some unexpected demands of her during a photoshoot, she refused to back down and in doing so, she gave the best response.

The resurfaced clip which was taken from a 2017 photoshoot where the Queen, 95, is seen posing for renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. But during the shoot, the snapper suggested the monarch, who celebrates her Platinum Jubilee this year, remove her crown, she wasn't expecting this response.

The photographer told the Queen, "I think it would look better without the Crown. I heart you do your own hair and make up which I can believe is so amazing. Can we try it without the crown? It will look better and less dressy because the garter robe is so sparkly."

To which Her Majesty scoffed, "Less dressy, what do you think this is?" as she pointed to the glitzy robe and laughed.

The photographer clarified, "What I mean is if you take the crown off just for a couple of things."

But things took a turn for the worst and afterwards the Queen is filmed walking out of the room with her aides and she can be heard saying, "I'm not changing anything, I've done enough dressing like this, thank you very much."

But the clip was edited to make it look like The Queen had stormed out of the room with two servants – but this didn't happen at all. Ms Leibovitz later explained that the Queen had been “storming into“ the room and was “nervous” about the photoshoot.

The clip is circulating TikTok attracting thousands of views and many fans are shocked at the photographer's demands.

One fan wrote, "Take the Crown off, excuse me do you know who you are talking too??? The Crown stays."

Another fan put, "The tantrum at the end 😂😂😂  yes Queenie"

And a third fan added, "Hahahaha, go on Liz... That photographer vs the queen!.😂😂 off with their head! lol"

You can watch the clip below...

@brittoker The Queen was NOT impressed! 😲. #Crown #QueenElizabeth #AnnieLeibovitz #Photographer #RoyalFamily #Royalty #crownjewel #QueenElizabethII ♬ original sound - Brittoker

But American portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz isn't the only royal photographer to break royal protocol when photographing the Queen. David Bailey admitted he once tried to make Queen Elizabeth II feel at ease during a shoot back in 2014.

In an interview with the Telegraph, he recalled easing her into the session by 'trying to loosen her up' like he had on a previous shoot with Princess Diana, but in his bid to help crack a smile from the Queen, he went against the rules.

Mr Bailey stated, "I said: 'I bet that cost a few bob, girl'. It just came out. I call everyone ‘girl’. But she was girlish. Made a real effort. We had a laugh. Beautiful skin, the Queen," the photographer reflected.

The Queen released a special Platinum Jubilee portrait back in February this year and it pays tribute to her parents. Looking elegant in a lime green dress by Angela Kelly, and with a bowl of delicate snowdrops at her side, she also pays tribute to her mother, wearing two diamond ivy leaf clips given to her by the Queen Mother for her 21st birthday in April 1944.

Remember the Queen is the Queen and she can wear a crown if she wants to!

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