The Queen’s favourite game show proves she’s more down-to-earth than you think

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  • The Queen reportedly enjoyed taking part in an impromptu version of one of the nation’s best loved game shows – and according to the host, she was “brilliant”.

    The Queen is understood to have a great sense of humour and apparently even has a hidden talent for imitations as one of her secret skills. And whilst Her Majesty is most often glimpsed at more formal royal occasions as the head of The Firm, her love of popular TV shows has shown her down-to-earth side. And it seems one of her favorites is BBC game show, Pointless, hosted by Alexander Armstrong. 

    Opening up during a recent appearance on Good Morning Britain, Alexander told astounded presenter Richard Madeley about his once-in-a-lifetime meeting with the Queen back in 2019.

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    As reported by The Sun, he arrived at Sandringham Village Hall to speak at the Women’s Institute, only to find Her Majesty was attending the same event.

    “I went to speak at the Sandringham WI. It was literally me and a room full of 36 ladies of Sandringham, including one, who we would all have recognised,” he explained. “It was just the most wonderful thing to be asked to do. Totally surreal as you can imagine.”

    It was during this “surreal” moment that he claimed he did an impromptu round of Pointless. 

    “We did a higher, lower Pointless. This is our mobile version of Pointless. We haven’t got all the kit,” Alexander revealed.

    Alexander Armstrong arrives at the Classic FM studios in Leicester Square

    “You basically say ‘on Abba’s greatest hits, how many people do you think would have said Dancing Queen’ and one team says ‘oh 14’ and the others go higher or lower than that,” he added. 

    Alexander also went on to share intriguing details about Her Majesty’s love for the game, telling Richard, “We played it in the village hall. She was sitting right in front of me, closer than you are to me.”

    He continued, “She was brilliant. She was so game. She got right into it. She was totally lovely. It was the most enchanting… can you imagine, it was like one of those dreams where you wake up.”

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    Richard asked if the monarch watched Pointless, to which Alexander replied, “Oh yeah, I believe she does. She also came to it having watched the news a little bit too early. It’s how we hook them all in!”

    The Queen has never personally revealed her favourite shows, though she’s not the only royal whose television preferences have been talked about in the past. When she’s not carrying out royal duties, her daughter-in-law Duchess Camilla reportedly enjoys ITV’s Loose Women.