The Queen's strange pasta rule that Princess Charlotte breaks

Princess Charlotte

The Queen has a strict no pasta rule that is regularly broken by her great granddaughter, Princess Charlotte. 

Princess Charlotte may only be seven years old, but being a member of the royal family, we're sure she's already had some of the world's finest cuisines.

However, the little princess, who is fourth in the royal line of succession, is partial to slightly simpler dishes, including olives and cheese sauce.

Charlotte is known for being total opposite to the Queen, who famously has a no pasta rule, with Kate Middleton confirming her daughter is a pasta fiend.

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Her Majesty is known to avoid starchy meals like pasta, rice, and potatoes, which The Cambridges typically enjoy during meal times.

The royals also avoid rare meat, especially when travelling, to prevent them falling ill and putting the line of succession at risk. Shellfish is next on the list. Eating shellfish, like rare meat, carries a number of health hazards, and the royals are advised to avoid it.

Darren McGrady, a former royal chef, explained, "The Queen does not care much for pasta and bread and likes to eat meals containing fish or meat and vegetables instead."

The Queen doesn't want to spill "messy" tomato sauce down her dress since the world press watches her every move.

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Kate met Rafael Chana, a four-year-old boy awaiting a heart transplant during her visit to Great Ormond Street Hospital in 2018 and told him all about Princess Charlotte's love of pasta.

Rafael mentioned that he loves olives, with the Duchess replying, "I used to eat lots and lots of olives when I was little as well."

Rafael then mentioned that he likes pasta, to which Kate responded, "Charlotte likes pasta too."

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