Why the Queen was furious with Sarah Ferguson after her hen night

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Queen Elizabeth II was reportedly furious with Sarah Ferguson after her hen night, according to a royal expert.

The Queen was furious with Sarah Ferguson for the way she behaved on her hen night, it's been claimed.

The Duchess of York took part in the wedding tradition (opens in new tab) and went on to marry the Queen's son Prince Andrew in 1986 but it's understood that she sparked concern among Her Majesty and the royal family, ahead of the nuptials.

The antics on her last night of freedom, which are said to have left the Queen (opens in new tab) far from being amused were recalled on Channel 5 documentary When Sarah Ferguson Met the Monarchy.

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It saw royal experts Tom Quinn and Lizzie Cundy discuss Fergie's hen party. They also discussed the apprehension of the Queen and the Royal Family following the evening.

Mr Quinn said, "Apparently they were lying on the floor, and bottles of champagne were being fired in every direction. I mean I think it was a bit of a riot."

Royal insider Sarah Bradford previously told Daily Mail. "On Fergie’s hen night she and Diana wore grey wigs, dressed up as policewomen and pretended to arrest a ‘prostitute’ outside Buckingham Palace.” And Ms Bradford went on to claim the pair were promptly put in a police van by royal security officers, before one of the men recognised Princess Diana.

It's apparently not the only royal scandal that went on that night - socialite Lizzie Cundy spoke of a practical joke played by Fergie and her friend during the hen night, as husband-to-be Prince Andrew celebrated his stag-do on the same night.

She said, "What the girls then did, as Prince Andrew was coming back from his stag-do, as he was about to enter Buckingham Palace, they got the policeman to stop him getting in. Prince Andrew was then forced to start reversing back.

"This is one hen do I wish I had been on, let me tell you. Fergie found it so funny but sadly a few of the royals weren't laughing so much. They did get in quite a bit of trouble about it."

Despite the Queen being furious at Sarah, she went on to have two children, Princess Beatrice, 32, and Princess Eugenie, 30 with her husband Andrew, but the pair announced they were to get divorced in 1996.

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The narrator added, "Fergie's final blowout as a commoner did not go unnoticed behind palace walls."

Mr Quinn claimed that this moment hinted at the Royal Family's fear surrounding Fergie. He added, "There was a hint there might be a rather vulgar side to Sarah. Vulgarity is something the Royal Family, the House of Windsor really don't like."

Meanwhile, Sarah Ferguson is due to become a grandmother after new that her daughter Eugenie is pregnant with her first child and the royal due date has been revealed (opens in new tab).

It looks like Fergie will have plenty of babysitting duties ahead.