The TOY Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is here and kids are going to love it!

Casdon has teamed up with Dyson to launch a toy version of the super-popular Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

An image of the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer toy
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The Dyson Supersonic hair drier is as popular as ever - and now there's a toy version of it for kids who love playing at being just like the grown-ups.

Kids love to role-play, as any parent knows, and now youngsters who mimic everything they see you doing can get their mitts on their very own toy Dyson Supersonic hair drier.

Dyson Supersonic Styling Roleplay Set - was £24.99, now £16.99

Dyson Supersonic Styling Roleplay Set - was £24.99, now £16.99

Made to look and work just like the Dyson hair dryer we all want, this toy hairdryer is the perfect toy for little ones who love copying mum's every move. It looks just like the iconic Dyson Supersonic hair drier and blows real air, plus it comes with combs, brushes, and nozzles.

Dyson Supersonic & Corrale Deluxe Styling Set - £39.99

Dyson Supersonic & Corrale Deluxe Styling Set - £39.99

This set comes with a stylish Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer toy along with the Corrale Straighteners, which feature realistic lights and sounds – just without the heat!

Beauty fans have raved about the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer ever since it launched in 2016 - and now there's a toy version for kids who love to copy every move they see mum or dad make.

The new Dyson Supersonic hair dryer and Corrale straightener toys for children from Casdon Toys mean children can enjoy authentic pretend play - with popular household items they already know and love.

In collaboration with Dyson, Casdon has launched three styling toys to help little ones enjoy imaginative role-play - each featuring mini child-sized versions of the real products.

There are three styling sets available - the Supersonic Styling Set which includes the iconic hair dryer, the Corrale Styling Set which includes a mini version of the stylish straighteners with a stand; and the Deluxe Set which has both the hair drier and the straighteners. All three sets include a mini version of the much-loved Dyson barrel brush and detangling comb too.

With the dedication to detail that comes with Dyson and Casdon products, these toys are sure to help little ones enjoy a super fun and stylish role-play experience for mini-me styling sessions at home.

The mini-Supersonic Hair Dryer takes 3 xAAA batteries and lights up when turned on. Light enough for little hands to hold, the oh-so-sleek hairdryer comes with four-styling tools and features panel lights and sound effects. It even blows (cool) air!

The Corrale Styling Set features the Dyson Corrale Straightener plus a display stand for easy storage, as well as a handy barrel brush and detangling comb. It gives a realistic nod to the pioneering flexing plates on everyone's favourite set of hair straighteners, which flex when you run your finger over them. The straightener plates even glow red and make realistic sound effects when pressed together, providing children with the Corrale experience but without the heat.

Compact enough for any dressing table - real or imaginary - there won't be a single doll or friend in sight without a super sleek hairdo!

A third-generation, family-focused business, Casdon is known for developing toy versions of domestic appliances and has created licensed versions of some of the most prestigious household brands. This year, Casdon celebrates 25 years of its licensing partnership with Dyson and continues to create child-sized versions of Dyson vacuum cleaners.

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