Exercises for bingo wings: Banish them for good with our 30-day challenge

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  • Our 30-day challenge is back, and this time it's to help you tackle your bingo wings!

    We don’t know about you, but we’re obsessed with finding out how to get rid of bingo wings. We find ourselves peering into the mirror at that ever-growing bulge under our arms and wondering how on earth it even got there. If you’re the same, take a look at our exercises for bingo wings all condensed into a 30-day challenge now to start your fitness journey to toned arms.

    Bingo wings can happens to the best of us. No matter how healthy your lifestyle, how hard you try to diet or even if you do your best to get some regular exercise, bingo wings are just one of those areas that are particularly hard to target unless you know how.

    Luckily, thanks to Nutracheck Fitness Expert Kelly Marshall, we’re now fully equipped to deal with that under arm flab for good with specific exercises for bingo wings.

    And before you think we’re going to send you off to an expensive gym to try out some difficult arm exercises, think again! Because these exercises for bingo wings are all designed to fit into your hectic lifestyle from the comfort of your own home.

    So how does it work? Kelly says: ‘The upper arm is made up of the biceps on the front (two separate muscles) and the triceps on the back (three separate muscles).’

    ‘The key to changing the ‘bingo wing’ appearance of this area is to recruit all of the different individual muscles in lots of different ways’.

    The moves have been arranged into a 30-day bingo wings challenge, so you know exactly what you need to do each day for a month to see real results by the end of it!

    What does the 30-day bingo wings challenge involve?

    The format follows three days of consecutive work followed by a day of rest to allow the arms to recover. Each day focuses on a different exercise which targets the different parts of the biceps and triceps in unique ways – to keep them guessing!

    Each four-day cycle looks like this:

    Day 1: Reverse planks
    Day 2: Incline tricep press ups
    Day 3: Up and down plank
    Day 4: REST

    The 30-day bingo wings challenge:

    It couldn’t be easier to get started. Simply download your own 30-day bingo wings challenge using the link below, print it off and stick it up somewhere that will motivate you to do your daily exercises for bingo wings (or not if it happens to be a rest day – hoorah!).

    You can download your FREE 30-day bingo wings challenge here

    Exercises for bingo wings, the moves:

    Kelly shows you exactly how to perfect each of the three moves you’ll need to take on the bingo wings challenge:

    1. Reverse Planks

    30 day bingo wings challenge

    Start by sitting on the floor with your hands behind you. Ensure your fingers are pointing forwards, towards your feet. Set your shoulders back and lift your chest (exaggerate the ideal posture).

    Pull your tummy muscles in, clench your bum muscles then drive your hips up towards the ceiling (imagine you are imitating a table top!). Slowly lower your butt to the floor then repeat, aiming to get the body parallel!

    2. Incline Tricep press ups

    30 day bingo wings challenge

    Place your hands on a sofa or chair and have your hands in line with your shoulders (so quite a narrow grip). With your tummy in and chest over hands, bend at your elbows, keeping your elbows tucked in close to your body and lower your chest towards the sofa (ideally, until your chest touches the sofa).

    The incline makes these triceps press ups essentially easier than normal press ups, so even if you think you couldn’t do a normal press up you might surprise yourself with this version.

    If you are struggling to get the depth, just go to a point from which you can push yourself back to the start, or even regress the exercise and perform it with your knees on the floor.

    *Crucial point* You must keep your elbows in to emphasise the bingo wings! Let the elbows go outwards and you will be cheating those triceps!

    3. Up and down plank

    30 day bingo wings challenge30 day bingo wings challenge

    Begin on your forearms and toes (a classic ‘plank’ position’), you will start and return to this position each time and that counts as 1 repetition. Lock your tummy muscles in tight then take one hand to where the elbow of that arm WAS, push down with that hand then follow suit with the other arm. You will end up in an extended arm position (not dissimilar to the starting position of a press up). Then return on to your elbows by reversing the movement.

    Try to be as controlled as possible with this, by keeping your hips still. If you are unable to do this exercise then simply regress to working on a static extended arm plank (the press up position) and aim to hold for a duration of 30-4secs for each set.

    We’d love to know if you’re going to take The 30-Day Bingo Wings Challenge, and for you to keep us posted with your progress! Either leave us a comment below or visit our Facebook page to share your sofa exercise experiences. Good luck!

    Kelly Marshall, Nutracheck Fitness Expert says ‘It’s true that you can’t out-train a bad diet. To get the maximum benefit from your bingo wings toning plan, you need to make sure your nutrition is as focused as your exercise.’

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