Hair trend: Going grey gracefully

Going grey is all the rage, and these A-listers are leading the charge.
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  • These glamorous ladies have gone back to their roots and embraced going grey gracefully, or have dyed it as a new style. Don’t they look gorgeous?

    It’s a natural part of the ageing process, but going grey remains a beauty taboo for women.

    The beauty market is filled with grey-disguising products and so many of us are investing a great deal of time and money in keeping those silver strands at bay. But is it really necessary?

    Noris Ogario, founder and Creative Director of the Ogario hair salon in London, believes grey hair should be much more accepted among women.

    ‘When hair starts to grey it’s one of the biggest challenges for women both physically and emotionally. Women can experience a lack of confidence, but also struggle with the colour and texture changes too.

    ‘This doesn’t mean however that you can’t still have amazing hair and be proud of your silver tresses.’

    Credit: Alamy

    Here are Noris’ top tips on how to go grey the right way:

    1. Invest in a great cut

    Going grey is a bold statement and you need a style to match. Sharp lines and a great shape will really give your hair impact, rather than just looking unloved.

    2. Tackle the texture

    Choose products with natural emollients to help tame wiry locks. Synthetic silicones do work in the short term but can be drying over time. At Ogario, we recommend our Hydrate and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner as it’s packed with nourishing ingredients such as pro-vitamin b5, honey and marshmallow to soften and control the hair.

    3. Bring back the shine to your hair

    Grey hair is dry and if you don’t feed it and keep it moisturised it will look dull. Drink plenty of water and make sure you eat a balanced diet with plenty of leafy greens.

    4. Invest in good quality hair care

    Make sure you’re using some super-hydrating ingredients such as silk. At Ogario, we select silk protein for our products due to its ability to restore moisture, balance and form a protective barrier around the hair. Silk’s strength also helps improve its elasticity and resilience – just what grey hair needs.

    5. Embrace your grey hair

    Have fun and wear it with confidence. If you love it, so will everyone else…