Terri-Ann 123: Everything you need to know about the popular diet plan

It's been a big hit online
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  • You may not have heard of the Terri-Ann 123 diet before, but it's getting more and more popular with women around the world - and with good reason.

    The Terri-Ann 123 diet plan was created by a mum who had tried every diet going. She spent five months eliminating and reintroducing certain food groups until she managed to devise the perfect plan for herself. And when she shared it, she discovered it was perfect for thousands of other women too!

    The Terri-Ann 123 is designed to fit into busy lifestyles, and is a plan that’s effective, maintainable and mostly comprised of ingredients that you’ve probably already got in your fridge.

    ‘It’s a complete lifestyle change that is 100% sustainable and accessible to all, rather than another fad diet with high membership or subscription costs,’ Terri-Ann Nunn herself, pictured above, explains. ‘You can still eat all the foods you love, and it’s extremely easy to stick to thanks to the support from the Terri-Ann 123 community – we’re like one big family!’

    Here, we break down what the Terri-Ann 123 diet involves, covering everything from the stages you’ll go through to how much weight you can expect to lose…

    What is the Terri-Ann 123 diet plan?

    Terri-Ann was a frustrated mum who was struggling to fit dieting around her hectic life, and so developed the Terri-Ann 123 diet plan for women just like her.

    The programme works on a simple basis: by sticking to clean, healthy ingredients and restricting and reintroducing foods in stages, you can lose weight without ever depriving yourself.

    ‘You shouldn’t be hungry whilst following the plan as you’ll be receiving all the energy you need from wholesome, nutritious food,’ she told GoodtoKnow.

    ‘This was something that is so important to me when the plan was conceived, particularly as a busy mum running around after my kids!’

    Here’s the ABC on the Terri-Ann 123…

    terri ann 123

    How does Terri-Ann 123 work?

    Instead of meal deliveries or meal replacement shakes, Terri-Ann 123 encourages you to go back to basics, following three stages and using fresh, wholesome ingredients to make nutritious meals that won’t leave you hungry.

    ‘It’s constantly evolving and adapting – I am always keen to know if members find something that works for them and see ways in which it can be officially incorporated into the plan,’ Terri-Ann tells us.

    ‘For example, many of my recipes now include ingredients such as quinoa and chia seeds, which was unheard of when I first started the plan!’

    The ‘123’ part refers to the stages you work your way through:

    Stage 1

    The first stage, also known as the 10-day-boost, will likely be the hardest if your current diet isn’t as healthy as you’d like it to be, but you can expect impressive results just by switching to healthier habits during this time.

    You’ll have a list of limited and unlimited foods, and will be required to eat a minimum of 500g of lean meat, poultry or fish a day. Some of the foods you might expect to be unlimited – like fruit – aren’t, but you’re given daily or per-stage allowances to use up. Mostly, you’ll be eating lots of veg and protein, plus the occasional fat-free yogurt, and running on minimal carbohydrates and sugar.

    In a recent study of over 500 active members, Terri-Ann found that 76 per cent of members lost on average around 9lb in 10 days.

    Stage 2

    Stage 2 lasts one week and has similar principles to Stage 1. However, it does reintroduces some fruits to the daily allowances you’ve already been given. You can also feast on 250g of lamb up to twice per stage, and eat some wholemeal bread for energy.

    Stage 3

    By this point in the plan, you should be getting into the swing of making the right food choices. Cooking home meals will start to become enjoyable and satisfying again as you learn to love all the unlimited and limited foods on the plan. Bread and lamb are off the agenda again for this week though!

    Once you’ve conquered the three stages, there’s an extra ‘maintenance’ stage which you can carry with you during everyday life.

    Terri-Ann adds: ‘Once the initial three stages are complete, you can then follow the 123 Life Changes plan that ensures you avoid picking up any bad habits and end up gaining back the extra pounds.

    ‘This is a completely sustainable plan that is designed for the long-haul, and you’ll never look back!’

    Although weight loss is personal, more than half of people following the plan lose between one and two stone in just eight weeks, so you can expect to see and maintain significant results.

    What’s included in the Terri-Ann 123 diet plan?

    Although the Terri-Ann 123 isn’t groundbreaking science, a little guidance and extra support can mean all the difference to your weight loss journey. This is a one off package offering you membership to a lifelong club, with unlimited tips and advice from Terri-Ann herself and an entire dedicated team.

    terri ann 123

    For £19.99 you’ll get the Terri-Ann 123 diet plan booklet, containing recipe ideas, colour coordinated meal plans for each stage, colour coordinated food allowances, blank food logs and advice for eating out with friends at lunch at work.

    Many Terri-Ann 123 fans say that the best bit is the online membership. This means no more uncomfortable weigh-ins, as all your measurements are done in the privacy of your own home, but there’s a whole community out there who are having the same experience and on hand to provide you with encouragement, recipe ideas or answer your questions.

    Membership entitles you to online recipe and fitness videos, hundreds of extra recipes and meal plans and prize incentives to keep you on track.

    How do I know if the Terri-Ann 123 diet is right for me?

    Terri-Ann’s plan revolves around making nutritious choices and so results, though long-lasting, might not be the quick fix some people are hoping for. Its appeal lies in the delicious food options, but time in the kitchen is definitely required – although many of the meals are ones that the whole family can enjoy. As with any diet, you’ll need to cut down or cut out the foods that are bad for you – that means chocolate, fizzy drinks and, yes, alcohol!

    ‘Any alcohol consumption will slow down your weight loss, but you can always attempt to counteract any weight gain by extending the initial stages,’ she says. ‘The best things to opt for are clear spirits and ‘slimline’ diet & sugar free mixers if you do decide to drink.’

    What does a typical day on Stages 1, 2 and 3 look like?

    Stage 1

    2x bacon and eggs and 1x tomato

    250g chicken breast fajita with veg

    123 Peri Peri pork

    Fat-free yogurt and sugar-free jelly

    Stage 2

    2x bacon, sausage and eggs

    Prawn, salmon and seafood stick salad

    123 roasted lamb shank with veg and 123 Yorkshires

    4 strawberries and slices of lean meat

    Stage 3

    Fat-free yogurt

    123 stuffed chicken with side salad

    250g rump steak with mushrooms and onion rings

    25g of cooked ham and 123 onion bhaji

    Would you consider giving the diet a go? Let us know in the comments below…

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