Celebrity anti ageing secrets: the top tips and products these stars swear by

You'll be glad to hear it's not all surgery and expensive magical creams that keeps the stars looking so fresh-faced. These celebs have some simple and sensible anti-ageing advice for you!

a collage of celebrities who have shared their anti-ageing secrets

It's not all surgery and ridiculously expensive creams that keeps the stars looking so fresh-faced, these celebrity anti ageing secrets are simple and easy to follow at home.

Ever feel like the rich and famous have access to celebrity anti ageing secrets like preventing wrinkles (opens in new tab) which they are selfishly keeping from all us mere mortals? Well, we’ve got some good news, as we’ve found plenty of celebs like Kate Middleton and Helen Mirren - who are willing to spill the beans on how they do it. And you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s not all down to a sneaky lift and tuck but rather small things like anti-aging haircuts (opens in new tab) and drinking plenty of water (opens in new tab).

Yes, we've found that some of the best celebrity anti ageing secrets are actually just the most simple - and we've collated their advice and must-buy products for you. We will admit there's still the odd pricey item (they are celebs of course), but most of these celebrity anti ageing secrets are actually cheap and easy to recreate at home.

16 Celebrity anti ageing secrets these stars swear by:

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1. Kate Middleton

celebrity anti ageing secrets

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(Image credit: Getty)

Age: 40

The Duchess of Cambridge always looks flawless and many are after Kate Middleton's anti-ageing hacks. Luckily for us, her biggest secret is a serum that’s been dubbed “botox in a bottle” by users.

Kate apparently uses Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel, an organic Botox gel from Germany, to keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay. Skincare expert and medical aesthetician Cassandra Bankson (opens in new tab) told InStyle, "This gel contains ingredients that mimic Botox without the severity of injections, so it can actually be a wonderful addition to a graceful ageing skincare routine." The duchess is also a fan of this high street face cream, and it was also recently revealed that Kate has enhanced her youthful glow by ditching this heavy eyeliner.

£40 | Amazon (opens in new tab)
Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel - £40 | Amazon (opens in new tab)
Biotulin reduces wrinkles within one hour. This natural beauty secret of the stars is 100% made in Germany, under ultra-hygienic laboratory conditions.

2. Meghan Markle

celebrity anti ageing secrets

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(Image credit: Getty)

Age: 40

The Duchess of Sussex has the most expensive royal skincare routine, but the secret to Meghan Markle's sculpted features (opens in new tab) is an easy at-home skincare DIY trick which won’t cost you a penny. It's all to do with simply massaging your face to decrease signs of ageing.

Crediting aesthetician Nicola Joss (opens in new tab) for giving her the knowledge to achieve her toned jawline, Meghan said in 2014, “I do facial exercises from Nicola Joss, who basically has you sculpt your face from the inside out. I swear it works, as silly as you may feel. On the days I do it, my cheekbones and jawline are way more sculpted.” Meghan is also a fan of Laura Mercier’s Pure Canvas Illuminating Primer, rather than heavy foundations.

£34 | LOOKFANTASTIC (opens in new tab)
Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Illuminating Primer - £34 | LOOKFANTASTIC (opens in new tab)
Give the illusion of smaller, airbrushed pores with the Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Blurring Primer.The silicone-free formula glides across the skin like butter, creating a silky soft veil that encourages the perfect base for foundation.

3. Jennifer Aniston

celebrity anti ageing secrets

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(Image credit: Getty)

Age: 53

Recently, actress Jennifer Aniston shared self control secrets (opens in new tab) she follows when it comes to her diet. But what about her seemingly wrinkle-free skin? Actress Jen three to four 650ml bottles of water a day and says H20, sleep and sunscreen are her “top three anti-ageing tips”.

One product she’s always sworn by is Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Daily Moisturiser. She also loves their Daily Moisturising lotion for the body, revealing, “I’m such a creature of habit. When I went out on my own, that was a staple in my bathroom. I just love it. I have a bottle in my car. It’s in all of my bathrooms. Put it on right out of the shower before you get too dry.”

£19.45 | Amazon (opens in new tab)
Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturiser - £19.45 | Amazon (opens in new tab)
Boost your skin tone and texture with this multi-tasking facial moisturizer with sunscreen, revealing radiant and healthy looking skin. It’s clinically proven to improve tone, texture, dullness, blotchiness, and brown spots.

4. Jennifer Lopez

celebrity anti ageing secrets

Credit: Getty

Age: 52

Dukan diet (opens in new tab) fan J-Lo eats well, looks after her body and could easily pass for someone half her actual age. And it’s no surprise she has her own skincare line, JLo Beauty which she credits with maintaining that youthful glow.

Speaking about That JLo Glow Serum in an Instagram video, she said, “It is the magic ingredient, the secret sauce, the fountain of youth, the vitamins for your face. There’s not a day, there’s not a morning, there’s not an evening, there’s not a moment where I’m not putting this on.” Snap this product up

£94.95 | Londonlovesbeauty.com (opens in new tab)
JLo Beauty: That JLo Glow Serum - £94.95 | Londonlovesbeauty.com (opens in new tab)
This gel serum is perfect for all skin types and gives hydration and glow to your face. Formulated with JLo Beauty Olive complex which contains leaf extract, extra virgin olive oil, fermented oil, and squalene to help hydrate your skin.

5. Halle Berry

celebrity anti ageing secrets

Credit: Getty
(Image credit: Getty)

Age: 55

Halle Berry doesn’t appear to have aged in years, and the actress swears by home-made face masks to keep her face looking fresh. You probably have most of the ingredients in your cupboard! Halle revealed the ingredients for her favourite mask on Instagram, which are:

  • 2 tablespoons of brewed green tea
  • 1 pinch of turmeric powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup of plain yoghurt
£4.99 | Amazon (opens in new tab)
Organic turmeric powder - £4.99 | Amazon (opens in new tab)
Organic turmeric powder is the purest form of turmeric as it has been produced without chemical enhancements.. This golden wonder-food has earned a strong reputation for its benefits over the years.

6. Penelope Cruz

Spanish actress Penelope Cruz

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(Image credit: Getty)

Age: 47

She’s blessed with beautiful skin, but Penelope Cruz is also a fan of the dry brushing technique. The method is one recommend by dermatologists and doctors with helping to get rid of cellulite (opens in new tab) - another fun condition that can worsen as we age.

She explained, “I do dry body brushing every once in a while; it helps to eliminate toxins.’ The actress is also a fan of Lancôme products to help delay the ageing process, specifically the Genifique Youth Activating Serum (opens in new tab). Penelope has also revealed, “I hydrate my skin with Lancôme Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Ultra.”

£10 | The Body Shop (opens in new tab)
Cactus Long Handle Brush - £10 | The Body Shop (opens in new tab)
Target those hard to reach areas with the help of this Cactus Long Handle Brush. Wonderful for dry skin brushing, exfoliating, or for use in the shower with your favourite body wash.

7. Angelina Jolie

celebrity anti ageing secrets

Credit: Getty
(Image credit: Getty)

Age: 46

The Tomb Raider actress boasts naturally gorgeous features. But as for her skin, there's a few items she has up her sleeve to help get that flawless glow. In 2021, Angelina gave a peek inside her handbag, which revealed her favourite anti-ageing product - the Guerlain Abeille Royale Youth Watery Oil.

In 2018, Ange’s dermatologist Rhonda Rand (opens in new tab) also shared details on her regime with Refinery29, revealing, "She’s lucky she has her mom’s beautiful, olive skin. She’s always been such a natural beauty, so she didn’t ever have to do much. It was really just sunscreen, proper cleansing with a mild, gentle cleanser, antioxidants, sometimes glycolic [acids], and natural products."

£42 | John Lewis & Partners (opens in new tab)
Guerlain Abeille Royale Youth Watery Oil - £42 | John Lewis & Partners (opens in new tab)
Made using a unique formulation know-how, its surprising texture offers the richness of an oil, the lightness of a lotion and the power of a serum. The skin is visibly plumped-up, smoother and more radiant.

8. Gwyneth Paltrow

American actress Gwyneth Paltrow

Credit: Getty
(Image credit: Getty)

Age: 49

Gwyneth’s best anti-ageing secret is one she picked up from her mum. “I got this trick from my mom: using night cream during the day. We both have dry skin.”

Gwyneth likes to use her own brand, goop’s Beauty GOOPGENES All-in-One Nourishing Face Cream. “This cream is that nourishing - I can use it night and day and my skin keeps reaping the benefits. It leaves my skin so soft that I just keep touching it all day.”

£86 | Cult Beauty (opens in new tab)
GOOPGENES All-in-One Nourishing Face Cream - £86 | Cult Beauty (opens in new tab)
A luxuriously rich, clinically tested, all-in-one supercream that leaves skin looking and feeling soft, smooth, firm, and moisturized for up to 48 hours. This fragrance-free supercream has a unique whipped texture that makes it feel like an invisible second skin.

9. Kylie Minogue

close up image of singer Kylie Minogue

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(Image credit: Getty)

Age: 53

Pop princess Kylie still looks incredible at 53, even after battling breast cancer in her late 30s. The singer told Woman & Home magazine that staying youthful isn't all down to expensive products and treatments. She uses good old fashioned Pond's Cream Cleanser, as used by her mum.

She said, “It's really changed my skin. It's such an old classic, my mum uses it and it really does work. It makes such a difference.”

£5.99 | Boots (opens in new tab)
Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser - £5.99 | Boots (opens in new tab)
Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser is a rich facial cleanser that deep-cleans pores to remove stubborn dirt and make-up, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and radiantly clean.

10. Helen Mirren

celebrity anti ageing secrets

Credit: Getty
(Image credit: Getty)

Age: 76

Would you believe that Helen Mirren is 76? No, nor would we! It's easy to see why the star is the face of L'Oréal, and while she’s admitted she struggles with self confidence and isn't keen on the phrase ‘anti-ageing’, she has shared some pearls of wisdom.

“I'm not obsessive when it comes to looking after my skin,” she has said. “I have always used moisturiser at night and in the morning, it makes me feel better and to me that’s what I want from it. It doesn’t have to make me look 10 years younger: it's all about how it makes me feel better that day.” Hear, hear.

£7.99 | Boots (opens in new tab)
L'Oreal Age Perfect Retightening Day Cream - £7.99 | Boots (opens in new tab)
A source of intense hydration for mature and menopausal skin. The luxurious moisturiser, enriched with Collagen AA Fractions and Melanin Block, helps firm facial contours to fight against skin sagging and to reduce the appearance of age spots. Skin is intensely re-hydrated, more elastic and radiant.

11. Kate Moss

Supermodel Kate Moss

Credit: Getty
(Image credit: Getty)

Age: 48

As a supermodel, Kate Moss - who still somehow looks like a fresh-faced twenty-something year old - knows a thing or two about how to look great in a hurry. Or when you're having an off-day.

She swears by putting her face in a sink full of iced water and cucumber to reduce puffiness: “It tightens everything, making you look and feel instantly awake. It is a bit Joan Crawford but it works.”

£17.50 | Amazon (opens in new tab)
SBC Cucumber Gel - £17.50 | Amazon (opens in new tab)
Cucumber eye gel is cooling, soothing and hydrating. This water based, non-oily gel is easily absorbed and can be used as either an eye or facial mask to help reduce the appearance of puffiness by cooling and soothing. With added vitamin A, regular use of this gel may help to reduce the appearance of dark circles and shadows around the eyes.

12. Naomi Campbell

Supermodel Naomi Campbell

Credit: Getty
(Image credit: Getty)

Age: 51

Naomi is well-known for her super flawless skin, and she says that keeping it hydrated is how she’s kept herself looking so young all these years.

"Hydration, for me, is the most important thing," she shared. "I’m constantly moisturising - masks, face masks, creamy masks, paper masks. That's something in my family [is] that the women take care of their skin and keep it hydrated. So that's one thing I've known for a long time - even before I was modelling."

£1.99 | Boots (opens in new tab)
Garnier Hydrating Vitamin C Sheet Mask - £1.99 | Boots (opens in new tab)
Enriched with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to give your skin a fast glow up in only 15 minutes. The hydrating vegan formula is infused with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid for an instant boost of radiance. Suitable for sensitive skin.

13. Holly Willoughby

celebrity anti ageing secrets

Credit: Getty
(Image credit: Getty)

Age: 41

This Morning presenter Holly, who's a mum of three, keeps herself looking in camera-ready condition by using a tinted moisturiser.

“You can just whack it on - time is of the essence,” she explained. “The Liz Earle Tinted Moisturiser is great for mums on the go. Quick and easy.” Holly has also revealed one of her favourite budget beauty buys: I love the Sanctuary Spa 4 Day Moisture Oil Scrub (opens in new tab). I use a lot of body scrubs because I think it keeps your skin more even-toned.”

£25.50 | Boots (opens in new tab)
Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint SPF 15 - £25.50 | Boots (opens in new tab)
Visibly smooth, brighten and even skin tone with Liz Earle’s complexion perfecter. This creamy, yet lightweight and silicone-free, formula reduces the appearance of fine lines and imperfections to leave skin looking flawless, radiant and dewy, while offering mineral UV SPF 15 protection.

14. Kate Garraway

a close up of Kate Garraway

Credit: Getty
(Image credit: Getty)

Age: 54

For Kate Garraway, who has to get up at 3am everyday and be ready to greet the whole country in the morning, she's learnt a few tricks when it comes to celebrity anti ageing secrets.

“Moisturisers rejuvenate the skin so I apply mine religiously, both morning and night,’ she said. But her biggest beauty secret is drinking lots of water. “Drinking water is vital. I know it's boring and hard to drink enough in cold weather but it really makes a big difference. As well as working wonders for the skin, it also stops you snacking!”

£13.99 | Amazon (opens in new tab)
1L Water Bottle with Time Markings and Straw - £13.99 | Amazon (opens in new tab)
This eye-catchign water bottle with time markers and inspirational quotes wille nsure you stay hydrated all day. Leaving yoru skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

15. Tess Daly

celebrity anti ageing secrets

Credit: Getty
(Image credit: Getty)

Age: 52

Appearing on National telly and awards shows means your appearance is always under scrutiny, but Strictly Come Dancing presenter Tess Daly, looks flawless year after year.

Revealing her simple tips, she said, “Don’t sleep with your make-up on, your skin won't thank you for it. So I never, ever do. But I don't worry about ageing, I'm happily in denial. I think the less you obsess about it, the less of a big deal it is.” Sounds good to us!

£3.99 | Boots (opens in new tab)
Garnier Micellar Water Facial Cleanser Sensitive - £3.99 | Boots (opens in new tab)
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water gently lifts make-up and dirt from the skin to leave it free of impurities and residue to reveal skin's natural glow. The gentle cleansing formula glides over skin and effectively removes make-up without the need to rub or strain delicate sensitive skin.

16. Davina McCall

a photo of Davina McCall

Credit: Getty
(Image credit: Getty)

Age: 54

Fitness champ, mum-of-three, and face of Garnier, we reckon Davina knows a thing or two about celebrity anti ageing secrets. She says that the best thing you can do for your skin is deep sleep (opens in new tab).

She told The Daily Express: “Try to get as much sleep as you can. Having a solid eight hours makes a massive difference to your skin.” We have to say we agree with this one wholeheartedly, it's just getting some that's the problem. When the zzz's don't come naturally try a sleep mask like this Soap & Glory one. It'll help you fall asleep (opens in new tab) and can even make you look less tired (opens in new tab) the morning after.

£6.50 | Boots (opens in new tab)
Soap & Glory The Rest Assured Sleep Mask - £6.50 | Boots (opens in new tab)
For those who struggle to fall into a deep sleep at night, try this sleep mask to help you fall into a delicious slumber. Wake up feeling refreshed, and your skin will thank you for it.
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