14 anti-ageing haircuts for an instant facelift

The celebrity hair stylists show you how it’s done.
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  • Anti-ageing isn’t just about an amazing skincare routine - you can also roll back the years with clever anti-ageing haircuts.

    A fringe at the right length, layers shaping your jawline just so, or a super short bob, are just a few changes that can make you look like you’ve had a barely-there facelift by a Hollywood surgeon.

    We’re not saying ditch your wrinkle-fighting creams, or glow-giving exfoliators, there are somethings that a stunner of a haircut just can’t tackle, but there’s no harm in upping the ante further with a seriously anti-ageing new do.

    The key is knowing exactly what to ask for. That’s where we come in, simply take your favourite look from below to your hair stylist for a consultation. They’ll get the gist of the look you’re after, and find a way to best adapt it for your face shape and hair texture.

    So here we go, the anti-ageing haircuts that will turn back the clock…

    1. The blunt cut

    Anti-ageing hairstyles

    Credit: Getty Images

    If you’ve got thin and whispy hair like Michelle Williams, try getting a blunt cut just above the shoulders and matching it with a sweeping fringe that hangs to your cheekbone. This draw people’s gaze to your cheeks and lift your features.

    2. The full fringe

    Anti-ageing hairstyles

    Credit: Getty Images/Fred Duval/FilmMagic

    Forehead wrinkles? Get sneaky and hide them with a full fringe like Kate Garraway.

    3. The face shaping cut

    Anti-ageing hairstyles

    Credit: Getty images

    Define your jawline like Rachel Stevens by asking for your hairdresser to shape the front sections of your hair around it, it’ll take years off.

    4. The long layers

    Anti-ageing hairstyles

    Credit: Getty Images/ Karwai Tang/WireImage

    If you’re keen to keep your hair long like Fearne Cotton, add in a few soft layers to give yourself more root lift. Giving your do more height at the crown of your head acts like an instant facelift.

    5. The midi crop

    Anti-ageing hairstyles

    Credit: George Pimentel/Getty Images for TIFF

    Go for the chop like Sarah Paulson and request a midi crop, you’ll keep volume at the top and a sweeping fringe which will make the overall effect soft and flattering.

    6. The thinning cut

    anti-ageing hairstyles

    Credit: Getty Images/ Mike Marsland/Mike Marsland/WireImage

    If you’re lucky enough to have super thick hair, then count yourself blessed, however sometimes weighty hair can drag your look down and that’s never going to be flattering! Ask your stylist to thin the ends slightly like Susanna Reid, this will give your hair more movement and bounce and have a serious anti ageing effect on your features.

    7. The short bob

    Anti-ageing hairstyles

    Credit: Getty images/C Flanigan/FilmMagic

    Cate Blanchett knows full well that the magic anti ageing area to consider with a haircut lies between your cheekbones and your earlobe, a cut that lets your hair lie in between this area lengthens your neck and lifts your face.

    8. The curl-friendly cut

    anti-ageing hairstyles

    Credit: Getty Images/David Livingstone

    Naturally wavy hair like Charlize Theron? Get your hair cut to one length just above your shoulder to lengthen your neck, it will stop your look appearing too heavy.

    9. The long cut

    Anti-ageing hairstyles

    Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

    If you’ve got thick, coarse hair, you want to avoid the triangle, in at the top and out at the bottom look, it’s so ageing. Let your hair grow to below your shoulders and the weight of it will pull it down, making it hang straight down. Add in a few waves like Liv Tyler and you’ll soften your features and anti age your look.

    10. The grown-out fringe cut

    anti-ageing hairstyles

    Credit: Getty images

    Asking for your stylist to cut in a grown-out fringe like Christina Hendricks will give your front sections of your hair more volume at the roots, automatically giving your face a lift, and the fringe will hang in line with your eyes, really drawing people’s attentions to your peepers.

    11. The graduated bob

    anti-ageing hairstyles

    Credit: Getty images/ Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

    Ask for a bob that’s slightly longer at the front than the back like Miranda Kerr to frame your jaw and lengthen your neck all at the same time.

    12. The super short crop

    Anti-ageing hairstyles

    Credit: Getty images/Albert L. Ortega

    If your hair’s getting thinner, take it shorter, like Jamie Lee Curtis. The look is modern and sophisticated, which in itself makes it an instant anti ager.

    13. The super long cut

    Anti-ageing hairstyles

    Credit: Getty images/Slaven Vlasic/WireImage

    If your hair’s still in top condition and full of shine and body like Penelope Cruz, firstly, we sort of hate you a little bit, secondly, keep it long and show it off! You’re one of a lucky few so flaunt it. People will assume you’re much younger than you are. Pinning one side off your face, like Penelope, emphasises your cheekbones and slims your face.


    14. The shoulder length cut

    Anti-ageing hairstyles

    Credit: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

    If you’re lucky enough to boast a fro like Sophie Okonedo take it longer and cut in a fringe for a modern twist that’ll turn back the clock.