Insomniacs are obsessed with 69p Aldi buy that 'works better than sleeping pills'

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Aldi are raving over a bargain 69p product that they say works wonders for beating insomnia. 

A poor night's sleep can ruin your day, but some Aldi customers think they've found the key to falling and staying asleep for less than £1 at the bargain supermarket chain.

Nodding off should be simple, yet our bodies and minds can make it so difficult. Tossing and turning, rearranging pillows, and counting sheep aren't always enough to relieve insomnia symptoms.

One Aldi shopper has saved the day sharing what they say is the perfect cure for sleepless nights, claiming to have had the 'best sleep' she's had in years, and it doesn't include a diffuser or weighted blanket.

Lindsay took to social media to explain she tried Aldi's Diplomat Night TimeTtea to see if it would help her go asleep, and she was thrilled when she woke up the next morning, without waking up during the night.

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She shared her experience with the tea on the Aldi UK shoppers Facebook page, saying, "Best nights sleep I've had in ages after this sleep tea."

Lindsey wasn't the only one who raved about the tea; several others also chimed in with one user writing, "I have been taking the sleep one since two days ago and honestly it works better than sleeping pills and also works on my anxiety levels so I drink a cup here and there during the day."

"I love it. I take a cup up to bed and read for 30 minutes before I turn the light out," gushed another.

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It wouldn't be an  Aldi product without an unbeatable price, as a third person pointed out, "I use the Twining's one but will definitely be swapping to these saving £1 a box! Thanks for sharing."

The Diplomat Night Time Tea 20 Pack is priced at a mere 69p, with the full list of ingredients including Flowering Tops (30%), Chamomile Flowers (20%), Liquorice Root (20%), Lavender Flowers, Lime Flower, Tulsi Leaf, and Valerian Root. But, since the tea includes liquorice, Aldi advises anyone with hypertension to avoid it.

It's also simple to make. Simply pour freshly boiled water over the teabag and let it soak for three minutes. Yet, one shopper claims that you need use two teabags to get the full benefits.

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