Here's how much Instagram star Mrs Hinch is expected to earn


Mrs Hinch

Mrs Hinch, the Essex-based ‘cleanfluencer’, is becoming more and more popular but you might not be surprised by how much she is estimated to earn per post...

With an impressive 2.5 million followers, Sophie Hinchliffe is the UK’s highest earning Cleanfluencer, known for her friendly and playful approach to keeping your home sparkling clean.

But while she's incredibly popular, you might be surprised to know she could be earning a whooping £5,000 - per post, according to analysts End of Tenancy London.

Whilst this isn’t a definite figure, experts are able to estimate based on a high engagement rate and high numbers of followers. Instagram accounts also have a higher interaction level than Facebook and Twitter.

Based on Mrs Hinch’s Instagram, she is certainly classed as an influencer, and due to high engagement from fans she could be earning this estimated figure.

As her following grows, this figure could even increase, depending on engagement rate.

Most impressively, she’s second in the list of top earning Cleanfluencers, with Netflix star Marie Kondo at the top of the list.

Marie Kondo

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Her show ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ was a real hit amongst audiences, propelling her to 3 million followers on Instagram and 157k followers on Twitter.

She even created her own method called ‘KonMari’, which helps people simplify cleaning by choosing what does and doesn’t ‘spark joy’ in their lives.

Mrs Hinch is enjoying similar successes, with her debut book being the best seller on Amazon only eight hours after its release.

She’s even helped to put cleaning products such as Zoflora and Minky cloths on the map, with B&M having to limit the latter to three per customer after a huge demand.

Mrs Hinch and Marie Kondo aren’t the only ones either. There’s been an emergence of cleanfluencers over the past couple of years, with US-based Becky Rapinchuk aka ‘Clean Mama’ earning an estimated £1,000 per post. She has 338k followers.

Back in the UK, Lynsey Crombie aka ‘Queen of Clean’ from Suffolk earns an estimated £3,000 per post. She has 142k followers.

It’s impossible to say how long this cleaning trend will last, but with such a vast and diverse audience, it looks like it’s here to stay for a while yet.

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