Moon milk: What is moon milk and how can it help you sleep better?

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  • If you’re struggling with insomnia, or restlessness at night during the warm summers – this new natural remedy may be just the thing you need.

    Instagram is never short of giving us the latest wellness trends and easy beauty hacks – and the latest natural home remedy bloggers are raving about is moon milk, which is designed to help you sleep better.

    People have been drinking a comforting warm mug of milk before they hit the hay for centuries – and now there’s a colourful version on the cards, made with a collection of spices to benefit your health.

    Moon milk is a dreamy potion designed to reduce inflammation, destress your body, improve your adrenal system and balance out your hormones.

    It comes from the ancient holistic practice of Ayurvedic medicine, promoting holistic healing and wellness by balancing the mind and body.

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    Moon Milk seems to be one of the latest wellness trends…however it’s been on the scene for centuries. Just ask any Ayurveda practitioner. These warm milks are soothing and calming and depending on the specific ingredients can provide a variety of health benefits. In honor of last nights #fullmoon in Libra ( second one in a row by the way…a very rare occurrence) named the Pink Full Moon ; I created this “ Pink Dragon Moon Milk” recipe 👇🏼. The benefits of these ingredients make this a perfect night time treat. The #ashwagandha promotes relaxation, the #maca is a notable anxiety reducer and antioxidant and mood booster, the #dragonfruit gives this its beautiful pink color and provides healthy nutritional elements that promotes a healthy immune system. The high #magnesium in dragon fruit provides many heart healthy benefits and calms nerves. The #acai is loaded with antioxidants and provides brain boosting cognition benefits ; perfect addition to include in this recipe…why not get smart while you sleep? 🤪The #lavender #cinnamon , #nutmeg #cardamom and #rosetea all add to calm and relax while also providing many #cancerfighting #antibacterial #antiinflammatory and #moodboosting benefits. 👍😉 Seems like a latte loaded with goodies that would be hard to pass up on any evening…no need to wait for the next full moon. 🌕 ❤️ . . . . Pink Dragon Moon Milk 1 1/2 cup almond milk 2 tbls dragon fruit powder 1 tsp açaí powder 1 tsp ashwagondha powder 1/2 tsp Macao powder 1 tsp lavender tea 1 tsp dried rose buds Dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom Rose water to taste ( optional) Honey or Maple Syrup- Sweetener of choice ( optional ) In small pot heat milk over medium to low heat. Do not bring to a boil. Once milk is warmed add powdered ingredients and whisk to blend. Place teas in a tea bag or stainless tea ball. Steep for 5-10 minutes over low heat. Add optional ingredients. Place in your favorite mug and Enjoy! ☕️🌈💕 . . . . . #ayurveda #moonmilk #wellness #pinkfullmoon #moonmilkrecipe #calm #relax #soothe #latte #pitaya #pinklatte #libra #fullmoonlibra #saturdayvibes

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    Moon milk consists of a combination of an adaptogen spices, herbs and honey.

    So, what are adaptogen spices?

    Well, they’re herbal supplement believed to reduce stress, including Siberian ginseng, liquorice root, Holy basil, or ashwagandha (more commonly known as Indian Ginseng).

    The relaxing herbs you can use are usually cinnamon, cardamom or turmeric depending on what takes your fancy.

    All you do is warm a glass of milk, pick your spices, and add a quarter of a teaspoon each to your milk, a dash of honey to sweeten, and then mix together.

    This dreamy treat works wonders to help you sleep, and it’s also a great way to calm yourself if you’re feeling anxious or stressed.

    Not to mention, it is just so Instagram worthy.

    By adding natural colourings, such as matcha powder, beetroot extract and turmeric, you can transform your dreamy drink into a pastel shade.

    Fans of the moon milk have been quick to share their views on the night drink, as well as pictures of their colourful creations on social media.

    One said: ‘It’s so pretty! Sprinkles make everything even better #DairySmart.’

    Another said: ‘Made myself a turmeric latte/golden latte (also known as “moon milk”) before bed last night. Woke up from a deep sleep and the bright almost full moon was beaming thru my window onto me, like a spotlight. Magic 🌝.’

    Another added: ‘Yes! I love turmeric ginger and cinnamon with warm milk 😋😋😋😋.’

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