Mum shares amazing cleaning trick to get stains out of white washing

And it costs just over £2!

Mum shares amazing cleaning trick to get stains out of white washing

A mum has shared an amazing cleaning trick to make your white washing bright again and it costs just over £2!

With Mrs Hinch’s cleaning tips (opens in new tab) continuing to take the nation by storm, it’s no wonder more and more people are sharing their hacks online.

From using misceller water to restore your suede shoes, (opens in new tab) to the hack that will make your trainers look brand new (opens in new tab), there are so many useful tips floating around and we can’t get enough!

The latest cleaning tip is one for all the mums who constantly battle to get stains out of their kid’s white polo tops.

Taking to Facebook, one helpful mum shared her impressive before and after photos and admitted she was a little embarrassed to post her tip online.

She explained: ‘Ok so I’m slightly embarrassed to post this but!! As little kids explore, spill foods, paints etc, I seen a tip on Mrs Hinch page about Milton sterilizer fluid, (Mrs H hasn’t done this I tried it after seeing on a fan page it takes stains out 😂 ) knowing I had some sitting though ah I’ll give it a bash [because] this one top is very discoloured [not] gonna loose anything!!’

She continued: ‘Well this is the result!!! I’m about to go do all her shirts and white tops now 😂😂 maybe even do Zak’s while I’m at it!! Pretty impressed with this! Although it hasn’t taken the permanent marker off it’ll be fine under a dress 👍🏻’.

If you were wondering where you can pick up a bottle of the miracle working Milton sterilising fluid you can find it in most places including Sainsbury’s, Boots, B&M, Asda, Amazon and Tesco.

Clarifying exactly how to do the trick at home, Ashley explained you mix one part Milton with three parts water in a large mixing bowl. Pour in boiling water and let it soak for two hours. Then simple wash as normal with your white washing.

The most has received over 10,000 likes and has been shared 15,000 times on Facebook as users praise the amazing results.

One person wrote: ‘😱 I’ll be trying this ❤️ thanks Ashley xxx’.

Another said: ‘Oh wow will need to try this’.

A third added: ‘I’ve thrown out loads of girls’ school shirts for being like this... might have to try this in future xx’.

Other people shared their tips too with one person revealing they use it on their shower curtains!

Another mum also posted her before and after pictures and the results are very impressive.

Will you be trying this clever cleaning hack for yourself? We’d love to hear how you get on! Head over to our Facebook page to share pictures of your results and any other cleaning tips you have…