This £10 pineapple tree from Asda could stop snoring


Does your partner keep you awake with their storing? Or maybe it’s the other way around? This plant from Asda could be the solution to your problem.

There’s all sorts of anti-snoring products on the market, such as nasal strips, mouth guards, and even special anti-snore pillows that are designed to silence snoring. But for some people with sleep problems, it can feel like nothing seems to work.

However, this £10 pineapple plant from Asda could be the cure many of us are looking for. It might sound bizarre at first, but there’s a good scientific reason for this.

Pineapple plants produce night-time oxygen, which can supposedly reduce snoring. It’s even NASA approved too, as their studies have shown that the plants improve air quality throughout the night which aids both better and quieter sleep. Nice.


Credit: Asda

It seems like a simple solution, but improving air quality could help people throughout the UK help get a quieter and more restful sleep. The Asda plant is available in 'selected stores' according to the website, and not able to order online.

If you want one, best to head down to your local Asda and see if they've got some in stock.

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Snoring can cause several complications, which go beyond insomnia, feeling tired and having a late-night row with your partner. It can sometimes be a sign of sleep apnoea, which is caused when airways repeatedly become blocked for about 10 seconds throughout the night.

Sleep apnoea can increase your risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks and irregular heartbeat, so it’s definitely worth finding a solution to your snoring.

If you give the pineapple plant a go and you’re still struggling, why not try our snoring test? We’ve examined the common types of snoring and given the treatments that apparently work – good luck!

Will you be trying the plant? Do you swear by another anti-snoring method? Head to our Facebook page and let us know your thoughts.

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