What is TikTok pasta sieve hair? The 'curly hair' trend explained

Here's all you need to know before you rush to the kitchen to try it...

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When it comes to useful beauty, food or money saving hacks TikTok is the place to get inspiration but there's one that we'd never even thought of as people ask What is TikTok pasta sieve hair?

If you love Italian food like the TikTok feta bake pasta then you're going to love this genius hair hack that has got people everywhere wondering whether it's morally - or hygienically - acceptable to dig out the pasta sieve from the kitchen and try this new trend.

But before you go rushing for the utensils - and not the pasta - you might want to read up on what it's all about...

What is TikTok pasta sieve hair?

TikTok pasta sieve hair is a way of getting your curls dried without the frizz, using a metal sieve or colander to diffuse the waves instead of the usual hairdryer diffuser attachment. The technique has gone viral thanks to TikTok user Liz Fox Roseberry who demonstrates how to style your hair using the utensil.

Fans have watched in awe as she creates the perfect bouncy and perfectly defined curls using the sieve - or pasta strainer - as a a styling tool. 

She captioned the clip, "Just learned that my pasta strainer is better at diffusing my waves than my diffuser,” and the post has gone viral, receiving more than 18 million views and she uploaded a video demo so people could try it for themselves.

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Metal Sieve £6.40 | Amazon

Metal Sieve £6.40 | Amazon

This fine mesh sieve features a pair of hooks on its rim and a handle that makes balancing easier. Easily hang-able, wide handle means that the sieve is easy to hang from a peg or hook in the kitchen. Care instructions for the sieve stainless steel, wash in warm soapy water, rinse and towel dry. Dimensions (H x W x D): 6 x 35 x 19 cm.


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After washing your hair as normal, Liz uses her regular curl styling products to prepare her locks by forcing some ringlets (unless you already have them) , she applies the Kinky moves hair curling cream and beach babe spray. After distributing it evenly, she "plops it in a t-shirt" wrap up your hair and leave for 30 minutes.

Then, She tips her wet hair forward and into the sieve, scooping it all in before focusing on drying the roots with a hair dryer and then blows hot hair underneath the mesh on high heat, low power until it's all dry followed by a "cold shot at the very end to cool everything down".

After removing the utensil, she reveals her jaw-dropping style that bounces out of the sieve.


♬ original sound - Liz Fox Roseberry

One fan wrote, "“OMG I can tell this is gonna be a game changer,” 

A second fan put, I’m shook this looks SO GOOD I love your content!!!"

Another fan added, "I have natrually curly hair and tried this. It works! The diffuser leaves my hair somewhat frizzy and the strainer does not"

And another fan joked, "Literally making my salad in the same bowl right now."

Just remember to make sure the sieve is clean before using - and indeed, before sneaking it back into the kitchen cupboard before other members of your house find out!

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